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All About Methi Khakhra Benefits

All About Methi Khakhra Benefits

  • February 25, 2023
  • Posted By : Alde
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Although we have different states in India, there is one thing in common; everyone loves to eat. Apart from the traditional dishes of each state, people love to taste other conventional dishes. As a result of the intermingling of different cultures, the exchange of food tastes has been happening here for a long time. Nowadays, everyone is health conscious, so people are walking towards homemade healthy and delicious food.

We occasionally like spicy food, but in daily life, at home, we want to eat simple and healthy food. Our ancestors gave importance to those foods which are beneficial for our bodies, and we are still following the path shown by them. During the change of season, there are various minor ailments, and we eat certain foods as a remedy. Again follow some special foods and methods to reduce heartburn or stress levels. Today in this blog, we will discuss methi khakhra benefits.

What is Methi khakhra?

Gujaratis are almost all vegetarian and famous for nutritious food, and this methi khakhra is a well-known Gujarati item. This methi khakhra is a traditional Gujarati food item, but people from all over the country like to eat it so much that it cannot be called only a Gujarati item. It is thin and crunchy, just like Indian homemade bread, which we usually like as snacks. We use it during breakfast with tea, after the main meal, or even as a light tiffin while traveling somewhere. Methi Khakhra is famous all over India because of its health benefits and delicious taste. Methi Khakhra's benefits are uncountable and also unique in features. 

How To Make Methi Khakhra?

It takes a unique way to make them which requires a lot of effort. If you live with a joint family, you must prepare and stock a lot of methi khakhra for them. But nowadays, various food companies are making methi khakhra, which is also available in small shops around us. Many homemakers in the backward regions of India earn their livelihood by creating and selling this methi khakhra. However, if you make it at home, it tastes better and is a lot of fun to eat. Now let's know the method of making this methi khakhra.

The main ingredient of methi khakhra is pure wheat flour. India is an agricultural country, so there is a good wheat supply all over the country. We make flour by grinding this wheat very well. Apart from wheat flour, red chili powder, turmeric powder, dry fenugreek leaves, salt, and oil are needed.

First, take all the ingredients in the required proportions and whisk them well in hot water to make a stiff dough. Now keep this dough covered for 15 minutes and whisk well again. Now divide the dough into small balls and coat with dry flour. Cover with dough so that the small balls do not stick anywhere while rolling.

Then heat a flat utensil made of iron on medium to high heat and place a rolled piece of khakhra dough on it. After a while, you will see puffy pockets of air coming out as it heats up; turn the dough over without delay. Now spread a small spoonful of oil around it and keep pressing hard, so air pockets are not created anymore. Continue this process on low flame until their khakhras are completely crispy. Prepare all the parts of the dough in this manner and keep it in a flat container after cooling and store it in an airtight container.

You can surprise family members with this for breakfast. You can make guests happy by serving it with tea. It stays fresh for two weeks in a normal environment, and you can store it for more than a month in the fridge.

Methi Khakhra Benefits: 

Based on the relevance of our headline, we will now discuss the methi khakhra benefits. Methi Khakhra is a tasty snack and healthy for our bodies; let's find out. We know that the main ingredients of Methi Khakra are wheat flour, methi leaves, and turmeric powder, which have different benefits.

Wheat flour is rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber, which are essential for a healthy body. Carbohydrates and fiber stored in it help you to control weight. It lowers blood sugar levels which is beneficial for people with diabetes. Methi leaves, or Fenugreek leaves, flush out all the waste from our bodies and cleanse the bowels. Turmeric is the most active compound, which is good for our hearts if consumed regularly. It is also thought to prevent Alzheimer's and cancer. It can also help improve symptoms of depression and arthritis.


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