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Methi Khakhra (Pack Of 3*200Gm)

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  • Methi Khakhra
  • Khakhra Is A Crisp And Thin Flatbread Forming From The Indian State Of Gujarat. Its Brings You Fresh, Flavorful, And Crisp Khakhras Roasted To Perfection With Love And Care, So You Can Delight Them With Your Chosen Condiments And Make Recollections Over Snacks, On Several Occasions, Anywhere, Anytime-Your Perfect Trip(Travel/) Companion. Methi Khakhra’S Are Made From Whole Wheat Flour, Meliorated Sunflower Canvas, Iodized Swab, Sugar, Red Chilli (Powder), Turmeric (Powder), Mouth- Soddening Spices, And Fresh Methi/ Fenugreek Leaves Carried From Original Growers. Teased Till Perfection For A Crisp, Pleasurable Experience By One And All, With Lip-Smacking Flavors & Home- Made-Like Taste, Khakhras Lift Your Mood And Bring You The Nostalgia Of Mother Love.
  • A Light Morning Breakfast As Well As An Evening Nutrition Snack, Kharka Is A Delicious, And Healthy That Can Be Consumed With Pickles, Tea, Coffee, Ghee, Curd, Chutney. It'S One Of The Most Favorable Snacks For Diet Conscious People And Trippers(Travelers), As It'S Easy To Carry.
  • Khakhra Is A Specialty Of Gujarat. This Big-Name Crunchy Cracker Is Made With Wheat Flour And Chosen A Spice That'S Healthy And Delicious At The Same Time. The Flavorful Blend Of Flour Like Wheat, Jowar (Sorghum), Millet (Bajra), Gram (Besan), Oats, Ragi, Quinoa,Etc. It'S A Perfect Relief For Junk Food.
  • Khakhra Is A Morning Delight In Utmost Of The Traditional Gujarati Homes. Not Only, It'S A Midriff-Friendly Snack But It’S Flavorful, Wholegrain, Most Fat-Free And Protein-Rich Too. Benefits Khakhra Is A Rich Source Of Dietetic Fiber, Minerals, Vitamins, And Iron Which Makes It A Veritably Essential Part Of The Day-To-Day Diet, It Prevents Heart Stroke And Its Helps To Reduce Cholesterol In Our Body.
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