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Gujarati cuisine is loved by everyone, especially khakhras! Known as the jewel of Western India, it offers a healthy snacking option to munchers. This round-shaped and crisp roti-type snack is preferred by every snack lover. It’s one of the very few cuisines that are entirely different in taste and texture.

There's a wide variety of Khakhras available in the market. However, nothing can beat the taste of authentic Gujarati Khakhras. They are loaded with wholesome goodness, rich flavor, and hearty ingredients that prove to be beneficial for health.

Alde Bazaar Offers Roasted Gujarati Khakhra Online

The demand for flavorful Gujarati snacks is constantly rising. Whether it’s a Gujarati community or a Non-Gujarati community, Khakhras make a special place in everyone's heart! Guess what? Alde Bazaar is including this much-loved Gujarati cuisine in its food product category!

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Why Order Gujarati Khakhra Online?

If you love healthy snacking options, Gujarati khakhra is a perfect choice to munch on. This crispy, crunchy, and addictive roasted snack can be enjoyed with pickles and chutneys. However, only authentic Gujarati Khakhra can give you the right flavor, essence, and wholesome goodness.

Getting an authentic Gujarati Khakhra online is a task. Not anymore! The premium online food retail store, Alde Bazaar brings the finest Gujarati Khakhra for healthy snack lovers. There is no need to visit a special outlet to get this flavorful snack. You can order this much-loved Gujarati Cuisine at your fingertips and make your snack time even more fulfilling!

Satisfy Your Snack Attack By Ordering Crispy, Crunchy, And Chatpata Gujarati Khakhra Online At Alde Bazaar

Alde Bazaar comes with a promise of offering relishing and unique snacking options to its customers. Gujarati Khakhra is just a part of it. So if you are looking for delish roasted snacks, you can order them straight from our online store.

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1. Perfect nutrition

Make your daily munching even more healthy with a Gujarati Khakhra. This traditional favorite cuisine promises all the goodness of health in every crunch. In fact, Gujarati khakhra is the right snack for health freaks who don’t want to make any compromise with their fitness

This crispy, flaky, highly spiced, and delicious snack not only beats those cravings but is also loaded with scrumptious, wholegrain, almost fat-unfastened, and protein-wealthy ingredients, which makes it an ideal snack for fitness lovers. If you are on a weight-reduction plan, you can include this snack in your diet chart. Get this tasty, crunchy, and healthy Gujarati Khakhra at Alde Bazaar!

2. Delicious flavor

Today, everybody needs healthy snacking options. Alde Bazaar understands these concerns and offers a comprehensive range of healthy snacks. Gujarati Khakhra by City Haat is an all-around favorite nowadays due to its palatable taste and health properties

It comes with a chatpata chana flavor that can satisfy your taste buds in the most satisfactory way. Not just this, these flavored khakhras are also flawlessly prepared by using top-class ingredients. You will get only wholesome goodness in every bite! We deliver you nutritionally packed Gujarati Khakhra online.

3. Easy ordering process

In this hectic lifestyle, it’s difficult to prepare a healthy meal. Having healthy snacks handy proves to be a smart option in these cases. Grab your favorite healthy Gujarati Khakhra online from Alde Bazaar. Avail of all the cutting-edge offers and binge buy at our online store!

We deliver the best customer experience and hassle-free shipping to our buyers. At the same time, we ensure rapid online methods. The goods are packed properly and aren't broken in any way.

For hassle-free payment, we offer multiple charge options, including card, UPI, cash on shipping, etc. You can also claim several benefits such as rewards, discounts, and powerful deals by ordering these healthy snacks from our website.

4. Hassle-free accessibility to all-time snacking options

Roasted and baked snacks are way better than deep-fried snacks. They are low in fats and have fewer calories. The delicious roasted Gujarati Khakhra is best for consumption at any time of the day. You can munch these snacks at any time of the day till your heart is content. Savor the wholesome goodness of healthy ingredients with these roasted-to-perfection and delicious Khakhras.

Packed with good taste and health, these City Haat Khakhras will be a treat to your taste buds! Order it online at Alde Bazaar and make no compromise with your health.


1. Is Gujarati khakhra a healthy snack?

Yes, Khakhra is a very healthy snacking option. It is loaded with powered-packed ingredients that match the health concerns of fitness freak people.

2. Is Gujarati Khakhra fried or roasted?

The whole wheat chatpata special khakhra is a roasted, crispy, crunchy, and absolutely delicious snack. It offers guilt-free indulgence and is packed with flavor

3.What are the ingredients of City Haat Gujarati Khakhras?

Made with precious quality constituents, this khakhra is a thin Gujarati snack. Iodised salt, edible spices, whole wheat flour, and refined palm oil are some of the common ingredients of it.

4. Is there any other range of these Khakhras?

These whole wheat khakhras also come in mouthfuls ranging from masala and jeera to pani puri, methi, pungent pudina, and chili kothmir. It offers crisp and savory flavors in every bite!

5. How long do these packed roasted Khakhras last?

It will last for 120 days (4 months). Kindly prevent this snack from direct heat. It also increases the shelf-life of the product.

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