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Which Are The Most Favorite Namkeen Choices for People In India?

Which Are The Most Favorite Namkeen Choices for People In India?

  • December 26, 2022
  • Posted By : Alde
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Namkeen, or salty snacks, is one of the most popular snacking options for people who live in India, and this is because it offers quite a mix of flavors that tastes exquisite on the tongue. A very important facet here is that the concept of snacks, or namkeen in particular, is quite popular, and hence no matter which city you belong to, there will be shops at every corner where you can get a lot of options. However, just like India is a land of cultures, it is also a land of flavors that helps you come forth and offer a blast of flavors. Today we will discuss some of India's most promising namkeen shops. 

The best part today is that technology has moved so far that even sitting in different parts of the country, you can choose to get the same at home. The digital world's power connects us and delivers tasty delicacies to our doorstep. If you love to munch on some yummy namkeen, this information is just for you! For those who do not know, namkeen is a great combination of salted snacks which can make you fall in love with the taste. 

Top Namkeen Shops In India

While each of us has a very different and refined taste, however at the same time, there are some pioneering shops that have made it to the top and continued to come through the test of time. Although these are located in different parts of the country, each option we will discuss is quite famous, and they have been quite potent establishments since their inception.

  • Prakash Namkeen

If there is one brand that has been able to change the face of the namkeen industry, and that too with simply the taste and quality, it is none other than Prakash namkeen for sure. The brand is quite a well-known one regarding hoo quality snacks, and given the range of options, it is better than most other options in the market currently. If you think you want to munch on namkeens that are authentic in taste and do not call for a lot of hassles, we believe that getting hold of Prakash namkeen is the ideal way to go forth!

Not only that, this brand has made it big even when it comes to affordability, which is why they are loved so deeply by the Indian market. If you are thinking about where you can get hold of these goodies, then the best source for Prakash namkeen online is none other than Alde Bazaar. Place your order, and it will instantly reach your doorstep!

  • Bhikaram Chandmal

Finally, another name we have to mention when it comes to getting the best of namkeen is the Bhikaram Chandmal! This one brand is known to be the king of Indian namkeen, and this is because, since its inception, they have been able to hold on to the taste and quality of the snacks. They are one of the oldest brands when it comes to good quality namkeen in India, and the snacks like Moong Dal, Methi Mathri, Mathura Peda, Bikaneri Dry Petha, Kaju Mathri, Rasgulla, etc., are the best you will ever have. 

  • Lovely Bakery

The first and probably a very good choice for a namkeen shop is none other than Lovely Bakery. This particular establishment has been a people's favorite, primarily because of the quality and the options they have managed to put forth through the years. Lovely Bakery is one of the better-known brands, and with such huge popularity, you can get these online as well; hence, the packed snacks are indeed quite tasty. 

You get many options like Kaju Katli, Butter Atta Rusk, Elaichi Rusk, Butter Pista Cookies, Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun, and much more. These are the perfect travel accompaniments as well and hence easy to eat! Lovely Bakery is now easily available online, at Alde Bazaar, the best mixes are available for you! 

If you love namkeen and are looking for good options to order snacks online, then Alde Bazaar should be your ideal choice. We have an array of savory snacks and sweets that you can order with a few clicks on your digital screen. Place your order now, and we will deliver the same to your chosen location and let you savor the snacks in your own space and time. 

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