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What Is So Special About Agra Ka Petha

What Is So Special About Agra Ka Petha

  • January 24, 2023
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Agra ka petha is a soft and succulent sweet loved by many Indians and people abroad. It is a soft translucent candy that has an unfading popularity among the locals as well as tourists. And those who make a trip to the city never fail to buy a pack of Agra ka petha to take back home, along with fond memories of the beautiful place. The tender and sweet petha easily make it to the desert of many Indians as they like to tickle their taste buds and indulge in the sweetness of these amazing chunks of petha. 

Apart from the birthplace of this sweet, Agra ka petha is available in many shops across the country, and people from all across can enjoy this lovely desert. You may also opt for an Agra petha sweet online order and enjoy the same when the service provider delivers it to your doorstep. You also get the option of ordering in different quantities for your house or sending it to your friends or family. 

Origin of Agra Ka Petha

Many people say that the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan wanted to have some new sweets in his desert. He then ordered his royal chefs to prepare some sweets that would be different from the rest yet feel delectable to his taste buds. He also mentioned that the special sweet should look like the white marble of the Taj Mahal and would be equally as pure as that. And to the order of the emperor, the royal chefs came up with this soft and succulent petha made from the vegetable ash gourd, also known as the white pumpkin. 

Though Agra ka petha started in the royal kitchen of the Mughal emperor, it is no longer restricted to that. It has spread over and reached out to the masses seamlessly and has become even more popular with the passing of time. Agra ka petha is now available in the local sweet shops as well as shops in other states so as to meet the popular demand. Sweet lovers can also order Agra ka petha online and enjoy the lovely sweet any time they want. 

Making Process of Agra Ka Petha

These days, the local sweet shops make Agra ka petha and sell it worldwide. They peel the skin of the white pumpkin, de-seed the pieces, and cut them into bite-size chunks before soaking the pieces in a lime (white calcium hydroxide) solution for some time. In the next step, they drain out the lime solution and boil the pumpkin chunks until they become tender, and then soak it in different flavored sugar syrup. The petha candy has a sugar-crisp exterior and an almost wet, sticky inside with a chewy, crystalline texture.

Traditionally, chefs used coal fire to slow cook the petha to give it the translucent look and softness inside. The best part is that petha has a long shelf life. You can store petha for almost a month at a regular temperature, and it lasts even longer if you keep it in the refrigerator. Petha is available soaked in sugar syrup and also dried for a longer shelf life. And you may choose the kind you prefer more.

One interesting fact about Agra ka petha is that it has a Geographical Indication (GI) tag to showcase that petha originated from Agra and then spread across other locations on popularity and demand. If you visit Agra, you must never miss buying a pack of petha. However, if you live in any other place, you can still savor the Agra ka petha by placing an order online via e-commerce giants like Alde Bazaar. 

Buying Options Of Agra Ka Petha

You may buy Agra ka petha from local sweet shops, or you may go for Agra petha sweet online order for home delivery via online ecommerce stores like Alde Bazaar. You get many varieties of Agra ka petha and choose different kinds of flavors and quantities to place an order. Also, you get the best price for the most delectable petha from the most famous manufacturers in the country. 

Petha is available in different flavors and varieties. You may buy Kesar petha, Angoori petha, Angoori Elaichi petha, Kesar Cherry petha, Pineapple petha, Coconut petha, Paan petha, White Cherry petha, Mango-flavored petha, Chocolate petha, and many more such lovely flavors to meet your delectable needs. 

Along with the browser version, you may also download the Alde Bazaar app for Apple and/or Android to make your buying process easier. And one good thing about this online ecommerce store, Alde Bazaar, is that you get a wide variety of sweets and snack options to make a delightful savory experience. So, do not wait any longer, and order your favorite sweets and snacks and enjoy them in your free time.

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