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Thaggu Ke Laddu: A Dessert Loved & Enjoyed By People In Weddings

Thaggu Ke Laddu: A Dessert Loved & Enjoyed By People In Weddings

  • March 10, 2023
  • Posted By : Alde
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Desserts lighten up your mood; be it a festive occasion or a celebration, they are the first thing that comes to mind. Desserts uplift our mood; from cookies to cakes to Gulab jamun, you can add various desserts to your menu. There are a variety of desserts and cuisines available in India, and each has its popularity and identification. 

In Indian culture, sweets play a significant role in celebrations, especially in weddings. Whether a small Roka ceremony or a grand wedding ceremony, the inclusion of Indian sweets enhances the happiness of every event. Every little sugar crystal adds from Bengal's Roshogolla to Punjab's Gajar ka Halwa, Maharashtra's Shrikhand to Rajasthan's Ghevar, a truckload of happiness to all the ceremonies. Sweets hold a special significance in Indian weddings. Every ceremony or function is complete with those delicious varieties of sweets. 

Here we have curated a list of sweets for weddings so that all your guests don't miss a bite!

  • Kaju Katli: 
  • Lovingly called barfi, it tastes heavenly. Undoubtedly, kaju Katli is the most delicious option, but it is costlier. Kaju Katli, made typically of cashew nuts, is an indispensable part of a big, fat wedding.

  • Laddoo:
  • A Laddoo is an all-time favorite sweet dish at every Indian wedding. Serving Ladoo represents a joyful occasion, especially among children. Different kinds of laddoos are popular in India. Besan ke laddoo, Boondi ke laddoo, and Thaggu ke laddu are the most admired sweets people prefer for weddings. Thaggu ke ladoo is a lip-smacking dessert with dry fruits like almonds, pistachios, suji, pure khoya, gond & cardamom blended in pure ghee. It melts in the mouth, and with the right amount of sugar and crunchy dry fruits, the ladoos are only happiness served in small portions!

  • Rasmalai:
  • Rasmalai, another dessert famous at Punjabi weddings, is Marwari Weddings. Rasmalai is a creamy delight that would be a perfect addition to your menu for a summer wedding. The soft chena chunks are immersed in chilled and creamy flavored milk. Rasmalai is then garnished with saffron and almonds. The combination of sweet juice and cream makes Rasmalai the perfect dessert for any happy occasion. 

  • Ghevar:
  • Ghevar has its originality from the land of Maharajas & Rajputs. Ghevar is an eminent item in every Rajasthani menu. A deep-fried, rich multiple-layered dessert complemented with sugar syrup, nuts, and dry fruits scream royalty. You can't miss this sweet dish on your list of Indian sweets if you are planning a wedding. 

  • Gulab Jamun
  • Who doesn't want to gallop a Gulab jamun? Have you ever attended a wedding that did not serve the most desired Indian sweet, the Gulabjamun? The list is only complete if you add the flavor-filled deep-fried chena balls stuffed with khoya. A Gulabjamun is the most savored sweet item, known as kalo jaam or pantua in Bengali; you can't miss the irresistible Gulabjamun!

  • Jalebi 
  • For those who don't think deep-fried desserts dipped in sugar syrup wouldn't be enough, Jalebi is the epitome of heaven for sweet lovers. Jalebis are not just sweet from the outside but also filled with sweet syrup from the inside. The crispy fried covers are delicious and crunchy when it tastes sweet from inside the Jalebi. 

  • Sandesh
  • Weddings are incomplete without Sandesh, which is a must in Bengali weddings. The little dumplings are made with split milk, kneaded with perfection, and then cooked with sugar. Sandesh filled with Nolen gur will instantly take you to sweet heaven.

  • Barfi
  • Barfi is a creamy, sweet, delicious sweet admired on Indian wedding menus. The barfis can be topped with fruit or dry fruits. Some barfis, including besan barfi, nariyal barfi, khoya barfi, badam barfi, mango barfi, and pistachio barfi, are that people love. The colorful sweets are a great treat for those with a sweet tooth.

  • Halwa 
  • Halwa makes for the best sweet in any wedding or ceremony during the winter season. Whether it's gajar ka halwa or sooji ka halwa, or badam ka halwa, everyone loves hot plates of gajar ka halwa. Hot halwa is a favorite dessert to beat the cold during the winter. 


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