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Significance of Petha In Indian Culture

Significance of Petha In Indian Culture

  • December 26, 2022
  • Posted By : Alde
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Have you ever had Petha? This sweet delicacy is quite a favorite, and when it comes to India, there are sure shot lovers of the same. But what is Petha, and where can you get hold of the same? It is what we will be talking about today; hence we are here with the best options for you. Petha is a very important part of our Indian culture, and such is the delicacy that anyone can have without any backdrop. If you want the best of Petha, you are at the right place, and consequently, we can get you some amazing options in tons of different flavors. 

Petha is a sweet delicacy; hence, it ensures that your sweet cravings are also satiated. Finally, these are very often referred to as Indian candy as well, and did you know that this variant is derived from a fruit? The source of Petha is none other than Ash gourd or white pumpkin, and the same grows in abundance in the subcontinent of India. When it comes to the purest form of Petha, these can be molded into many different flavors, which adds to the taste. 

What Is Petha, And Why Do People Love It So Much?

Petha is a sweet delicacy; in the simplest terms, it can be referred to as an Indian candied fruit. The significance of Indian Petha is very popular, and the same is also used extensively in many popular Indian sweet dishes and Indian desserts. The fruit from which it is derived is a pale-colored fruit with many seeds, and it is usually deseeded and cut into small pieces that are bite-size in nature. These are boiled, made soft, and generally soaked in lime solution first. Once done, the Petha is soaked in sugar syrup to infuse the sweet flavor. It is usually seen that the Petha is sweet and crisp from the outside while the inner filling is somewhat sticky. 

Do you know where the Petha originated from? Petha as a delicacy has derived from the land of Agra, and since then, the popularity of the same has made it quite a classic in different parts of the country. Such is the popularity of this Petha that you can also get Agra ka Petha online. You can have Petha as a sweet snack and add it to desserts that are one of a kind. Today thankfully, there are tons of flavors when it comes to Petha, and this is because the texture of Petha can hold on to the flavors which are infused very easily. You get flavors like Kesar, chocolate, paan angoori, and many more. In the local language, Petha is very often referred to as murabba! 

How Did Petha Originate as a Delicacy? 

Finally, it is important to understand how Petha originated as a snack and how it came to our kitchens. Petha is said to have come to the land holding the hands of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan who was said to be an avid lover of food. He used to very often encourage cooks to experiment, and this is how it led to the formation of Petha as well. It is said that Petha was used to feed the workers who were vested with the task of building the Taj Mahal for his beloved wife. 

Petha, as a delicacy, was offered to even the guests who used to frequent the court, which kept them full for a long time. The richness of the Petha during the time of Shah Jahan was quite exquisite, and with time the same went down. However, today when it comes to Petha, Panchhi is quite popular as well. If you want to get Panchhi petha online, Alde Bazaar is here, and you can get tons of flavors. The Petha you get from Alde Bazaar is one of a kind; hence, the quality is quite close to the original one that comes from Agra. 

Petha is quite a great sweet snack, and you can order it from us. If you are someone who wants to get their hands on Panchhi petha Agra, feel free to place your orders today. 

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