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Panchhi Petha: Adds a Special Touch to the Agra Food Safari

Panchhi Petha: Adds a Special Touch to the Agra Food Safari

  • December 27, 2022
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Panchhi Petha: Adds a Special Touch to the Agra Food Safari

Panchhi Petha is a soft translucent sweet, which has it’s origin in North India, Agra. Late Shri Panchhi Lal Ji established the Panchhi Petha store more than 70 years ago. This petha carries an interesting history. It’s said that the workers who were constructing the Taj Maha were bored of having the same meal everyday. Emperor Shah Jahan then discussed the issue with Ustad Isa Effendi who then requested Pir Naqshbandi Sahib who then came up with a solution. He got the recipe in his dream and since then this sweet has won the hearts of tourists from all over the world. This petha carries an amazing savour and you would simply love it. This exclusive candy from North India would take you to a different world and you can thus feel the sweetness in real-time. 

This petha is usually cylindrical or rectangular in shape and it’s made of gourd vegetable. Fresh gourds are used to prepare this sweet and you can now comprehend why this sweet comes up as the best one from North India. There is growing demand of this sweet and thus nowadays different variations are coming up. You can choose the ideal one that makes you feel good. 

 Time to Explore the Nice Flavour

Now, there is the option to buy panchhi petha online and you can place order at your ease. Along with the pumpkin there are several other ingredients too, which are kitchen lime, fitkari, rose water, kewra water, sugar and water. All these ingredients add a special touch to the petha from Agra. The petha is served cool and once you have it you would learn why it gains popularity all over the world. 

Make sure that you get the original panchhi petha and it brings in a big smile on your face. The expert chefs from Agra prepare this exotic dessert, which you can enjoy before or even after meal. It would completely change your mood and you can thus get rid of the whole day’s stress. If you are planning to visit Agra you must try this sweet dish and thus your trip would become a memorable one. The soft petha balls also looks great and you can hardly wait. The pethas are soft and transparent and you can now feel the soothing touch. It purifies your mind and soul and you would learn the true importance of this panchhi petha from Agra. The transparent balls are boiled into syrup and it’s the reason of the sweetness touching your soul. 

It’s time to place order online and you would get the stuff delivered at your place. There are different outlets from where you can buy the pethas online and you can now enjoy the sweets with your family and friends. Now, you have to find the ideal store where you can find different varieties of original panchhi petha. It’s good to go through the reviews and you can learn the reputation of the stores. Accordingly, you can place the order and you would get the genuine pethas from Agra. Finally, you can explore the nice flavour and the soft balls simply melts inside. The sweet syrup brings in the heavenly pleasure and you would learn why Indian sweets gains popularity all across the globe. 

 Things to Discover in Agra

Agra turns out with the historic views and the nice architectural works. It’s a nice place to visit and people love to explore the Taj Mahal. However, food explorers talk about Agra in a different way. Petha is the icon of the city and they would focus on having the different forms of pethas among which panchhi petha is the most popular. Legends say that Agra’s petha gains equal fame as that of the Taj Mahal and it’s a perfect dessert after a meal in Agra. 

 Exploring Different Flavours of the Petha

Nowadays, there are different flavours of the petha, which are angoori, chocolate, pineapple, mango, almond, coconut and many more. You can choose the flavour you want and you can explore how the petha becomes another icon of Agra after Taj Mahal. 

City Hat is a genuine place where you can place order for panchhi petha. They would deliver the original petha at your place and you can trust them. 

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