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Indori Namkeen and The Options You May Get

Indori Namkeen and The Options You May Get

  • January 24, 2023
  • Posted By : Alde
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Anyone who loves to snack on munchies would know that the name Indori namkeen is very popular, particularly because of their taste and mixture. Indore is one of those cities in the country known to have some of the best snacks, and to get hold of these and that too from different cities is quite a difficult task. However, at Alde Bazaar, we have made sure that you do not have to go through this difficult task, and we can make it very simple.

All you need to do is log in to our website, and we will ensure that you can order Indore famous namkeen online from our portal, which will get delivered to you! The concept of buying Indore famous namkeen online was conceptualized to ensure that we can reach out to people who love regional snacks and yet fail to get hold of them. We have got, thankfully, a lot of options for you, and the only thing that you need to do is pick your preferred snacking options. 

Our team will make sure that the snacks reach you in due course, and that too with a minimum of hassles involved. We aim to ensure that when it comes to snacking, you do not have to settle for options that are not up to the mark. Indori snacks are popular, and we have tried to get you the best ones under one roof.

Indori Famous Namkeen Online From the House of Alde Bazaar:

As you can make out from the name itself, the origin of these snacks is none other than the state of Indore. There are a lot of amazing snacking options and hence the popularity of Indori sev or other native namkeen from the state. Some of the very popular options that you can choose to try out from Alde Bazaar include:

  • Indori Phalahar Mixture:
  • The first option that we will discuss is none other than the Indori Phalahar Mixture, and it is very popular for the flavors it brings onboard. The mixture is brought forth by Prakash Namkeen, and it is very popular among the locals as well. The Indori Phalahar Mixture is one of the most popular items, and once you order it, we will deliver the same with precision to your doorstep.

  • Indori Mini Kachori:
  • The name Indore is very popular for the yummilicious kachoris they bring forth. Kachoris are like puris, but they are stuffed with filling and are usually quite easy to eat. As you can make out from the name itself, these kachoris are small and hence the perfect finger-sized snack to munch on. Priced at Rs. 400 for one kg, these are quite sustainable options for you. These are the perfect partners for your tea time, and you can also carry them easily for your travel needs.

  • Indori Mini Samosa:
  • When we talk about snacking options at Indore, one of the very popular ones is none other than the samosas, which are fried freshly by the vendors. However, we have tried to replicate the same and get you mini samosas completely of the Indori style. The taste is the same; however, these are a bit small in nature for logistic reasons. From the Alde Bazaar portal, you can order a pack of 1 kg at just Rs. 400. The Indori Mini Samosa is a delicious, savory snack to gorge on. 

  • Indori Sev:
  • If there is one snack item that is very popular and there is a demand for the same when it comes to Indore namkeen online, it is none other than the very popular Indori Sev. The sev is popular because of its unique taste and is one of the highest-selling variants. From our website, you will get two packets of 250 grams each, which are priced at an amount of Rs. 216 only. The sev is perfect for those who love finger food and something light to munch.

  • Indori Chatpata Mixture:
  • And finally, when we are talking about the snacks from Indore, the name Indori Chatpata Mixture deserves special mention, and this is because of the burst of flavors that it offers. It includes elements like crunchy peanuts, green peas, and some yummy sev that is equally delicious. The Indori Chatpata Mixture is a very popular item, and if you want mixture flavors, this is the one that you should go forward with. The Chatpata Mixture is a snack and, in many cases, added as an accompaniment to your meals to enhance flavors. 


    If you want to buy healthy snacks online in India, then Alde Bazaar is the name to trust on. Along with the numerous options we have, we also make sure that the snacks we get for you are tasty and the right option to suit your palate. All you need to do is visit our website and place your order so that we can deliver the best to you!

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