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India -The Land of Sweets and Festivities

India -The Land of Sweets and Festivities

  • December 27, 2022
  • Posted By : Alde
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When we see the word India the distinction is different for each of us; however, if there is one thing in common, then it is certainly the multicultural essence that makes us different from the rest. India is the land of festivities; consequently, no festival can be enjoyed until we have the perk to taste the delicious sweets we proudly boast about. But do you know that India has thousands of specialty sweets, which tend to vary depending on the state you belong to? Not only that, some sweets are made especially on some occasions, and no matter how much you try to replicate the taste, it will always be a failure.

A very important thing you need to understand is that sweets are just not another food item for people in India. It is an emotion that connects us and ensures that we can actually come on board and enjoy something solely ours. At the same time, it is also crucial to mention that while there are some seasonal favorites, at the same time, there are some classics that never tend to change and are a staple across the various states. One such delicacy is the Rasgulla from Kolkata, which is soft and spongy, or even the Thaggu ke laddu Delhi option!

Sweets - The Staple in India That Keeps People Connected

When we talk about sweets, we are sure that, just like us, even our mouths start watering. But do you know that many of us do not even know the basic history behind how these originated and became so popular? India is a land of culture and flavor, so having this idea about our favorites is very important. Today we will be talking about some favorite types of sweets and how they originated and went on to become such favorites.


If you read the fables of the land, you will be able to read more often that it is believed that the concept of laddu was introduced by none other than the famous Susruta. His idea was to incorporate a lot of different kinds of medicinal plants together and then make it a round ball which was then given the name of laddu. Another story has it that the concept of laddu was introduced by a student of the Eastern Highlands who accidentally poured a lot of ghee and then fried besan in the same and came up with the concept of laddu.

No matter what, laddu became very prominent as a sweet; today, it is loved all around the country. Be it the popularity of Thaggu which has even made Thaggu ke laddu online delivery a concept, or even the laddu from Mathura, there are no two ways that this is indeed a favorite.

Kaju Burfi:

Who doesn't like Kaji burfi, right? We don't think there are any two ways about the fact that this is probably one of the most popular sweets that Indians love, so the month and the royal taste make it a straight inclusion to each festival plate. It is believed that this popular mithai originated from the time of the Mughal emperor Jahangir and has been a favorite since then!

Today there are a lot of proponents who make the best Kaju burfi in India, and the best thing is that these are quite long-lasting and hence the perfect items to give as well. Consequently, there have been other improvisations and the Kaju burfi, and the masses have quite well accepted this, like the Kaju Pista roll, the Kaju Anjeer burfi, and much more. If you want to try your best, you can choose Ganguram; however, it's not available everywhere.


And finally, the very popular Rasgulla or Rosogolla has emerged from the land of West Bengal, holding the hands of none other than Nalin Chandra Das. There are no two ways about the fact that this is probably one of the most loved sweets in all of India, and nobody makes it better than Bengal, particularly Kolkata. Today there are different versions of the original Rasgulla. However, the classic one, immersed in sugar syrup, is my favorite pick.

If you are an ardent sweet lover just like us, then you can get it all delivered sitting at home. Alde Bazaar can help you. If you want to go for Thaggu ke laddu Kanpur online order or Kaju Pista roll, we take care of it all. Sweets bind us together, and we try to get you a sweet experience!

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