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Explore the Sweets at Tularam's Mishthan Bhandar

Explore the Sweets at Tularam's Mishthan Bhandar

  • December 27, 2022
  • Posted By : Alde
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Late Tularam Ji established the shop 'Tularam'sRasgulleyWaley' in 1930 and since it's recognized as the best place in Nagina coming up with exclusive sweets. Presently, Mr. Govind Ram Gupta took over the firm and it's known as the TularamMishthanBhandar. the famous sweets available here are hot rasgulla, gulab jamun, samosa, tea, salted Bundi raita. The sweets are made from fresh milk and khoya and you can explore the amazing savour. It would take you to a different world of sweetness and you can feel the serenity touching your mind and soul. A cup of tea and samosa can make your evening special and you would simply love it. The sweets are presented nicely and you would feel excited to feel the real taste.

Tularam in Nagina is the oldest shop and there are other branches too. You can visit the nearest branch and it becomes easy to enjoy the delicious sweets. So, if you love sweets then you must visit Tularam'sRasgulleyWaley.

 Time to Taste the Milk Cake

Milk cake is another popular sweet delicacy of Tularam's and you can feel the soft touch that makes you feel good. The sweet is prepared with the finest ingredients and it brings in an extraordinary feel in real-time. They use desi ghee to prepare the sweet and you can explore the traditional flavor. It brings in a big smile on your face and you would love to enjoy the sweet dish that gives you an amazing combination of different ingredients.

 Get the Touch of Freshness

All the products bring in the touch of freshness and you would feel confident to enjoy the sweets and other dishes. The samosa also carries a bunch of spices and flavors that make it the unique one. This samosa is a perfect combination of tea and you can spend a nice time with your family and friends. They turn out with prestigious products and you can thus explore the heavenly taste. The famous sweet shop thus brings in a nice feel and you can learn why they are recognized as one of the best and well-reputed sweet shops in India. The sweets here are famous for the standard taste and you can feel the sweetness that makes you happy.

Overall, you get a clear idea of Tularam'sMishthanBhandar serving the extraordinary sweets made of good ingredients.

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