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A Guide to Pairing Namkeen Snacks with Beverages

A Guide to Pairing Namkeen Snacks with Beverages

  • February 26, 2023
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Namkeen, or salty snacks, is a popular snacking option for people because of the mix of sweet, salty flavors that tastes exquisite on the tongue. India is a land of cultures; likewise, every city has unique snacks with a blast of flavors. Typical namkeen snacks include khaara, farsan, chivda, and bhujia. Namkeen of Indore and Ratlam are well known for their tastes. Sev, a versatile crunchy namkeen or snack flavored with all sorts of spices, looks similar to Chinese hard noodles and is the most popular evening snack.

Popular namkeens include:

# Tikha Gathiya is a crunchy spicier snack that combines sev with red chili pepper and is made from besan.

# Crispy Masala Puri is a crispy snack made from whole wheat flour that fuses in red chili pepper, ajwain, turmeric, salt, and other spices.

# Sakinalu, a namkeen from southern India, incorporates rice flour, spices, sesame seeds, carom seeds, and salt.

# Chivda is a crunchy namkeen snack made from thick poha or aval, flattened rice, dry fruit, and spices. The dry fruit adds a sweeter flavor to balance the savory, salty-sweet snack.

 # Gujarati Gathiya, also known as gathiya, is made from sev or omapodi. A lot of pepper and carom seeds are used to make this recipe, similar to kara sev. The gathiya has a puffier texture and is less crunchy. It is a very popular namkeen preferred by many with evening tea.

Pairing Namkeen Snacks with Beverages

Namkeen snacks are a quintessential part of cuisine and are enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether a sweet or savory snack, namkeen snacks are a hit in every Indian household. Mostly, namkeens are appreciated as an accompaniment to a beverage, and the perfect pairing makes the snack even more delicious and appealing.

Here’s a guide to pairing your favorite namkeen snacks with the perfect beverage for a perfect evening:

  •     When pairing namkeen snacks with beverages, it is vital to consider the flavors of the namkeen. Sweet namkeen snacks are best with a light, sweet drink such as flavored lemonade or lassi. The beverages will balance the sweetness of the snack and bring out authentic flavors. Savory namkeen snacks can be paired with a refreshing beverage such as chilled beer or cold soda. These drinks will cut through the richness of the snack and make it pleasant.
  •     When it comes to namkeen, there is nothing better than a hot or cold cup of tea. Tea is the ideal beverage to pair with snacks as it helps to enhance the experience. Hot tea is perfect for a cold winter evening, while a cold one is ideal for a summer day. For a unique experience, you can try masala chai or elaichi tea to pair with your namkeen snacks.
  •     Another refreshing beverage to accompany the namkeen is a smoothie. Smoothies are perfect for summer days as they are cool and refreshing. They can be easily customized to match the flavors. Try adding natural sweeteners such as honey or fruits for sweet snacks. Blaming spices and herbs, such as ginger or cumin, for savory snacks can do wonders. Enjoy a handful of namkeen with a rich smoothie.
  •     Finally, pair your favorite namkeen snacks with classy beverages such as coconut water or a lassi. Coconut water makes an excellent pairing for namkeen snacks as the sweetness and creaminess help to balance out the flavors of the namkeen. A glass full of creamy lassi is also a pair for namkeen snacks.

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