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8 Dry Indian Food Items That You Can Conveniently Carry While Traveling

8 Dry Indian Food Items That You Can Conveniently Carry While Traveling

  • June 27, 2023
  • Posted By : Alde
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When it comes to traveling, having portable and convenient food options is essential, especially for long journeys or outdoor adventures. Indian cuisine offers a variety of dry food items that are not only delicious but also easy to carry. In this article, we will explore eight dry Indian food items that are perfect for traveling, providing you with a taste of home while on the go. 

  • Methi Khakra
  • Methi Khakra, a popular Gujarati snack, is an ideal choice for travelers. These thin, crispy, and savory flatbreads are made from wheat flour, spices, and dried fenugreek leaves. Methi Khakra is not only packed with flavor but also offers a delightful crunch. It is lightweight and easily portable, making it a convenient snack for long journeys. You can find a variety of Methi Khakra flavors, such as masala, garlic, and even sweet versions. Pair it with pickle or yogurt for an extra burst of taste. Methi Khakra provides a satisfying snack that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Alde Bazaar offers fresh Methi khakhra buy online options across Pan India.

  • Chivda
  • Chivda, also known as Bombay Mix or Namkeen, is a popular dry snack enjoyed throughout India. It is a combination of various fried ingredients such as flattened rice (poha), peanuts, lentils, and spices. Chivda offers a delightful mix of textures and flavors, with a balance of crispy, crunchy, and savory elements. This lightweight and non-perishable snack is easy to carry in small pouches or containers. Whether you prefer the traditional spicy version or the sweeter varieties with a hint of sweetness, Chivda is a versatile snack that provides instant energy and a burst of taste during your travels.

  • Roasted Makhanas
  • Roasted Makhanas, also known as fox nuts or lotus seeds, are a healthy and delicious dry snack option. These puffed seeds are roasted until crispy and seasoned with spices like salt, pepper, or chaat masala. Makhanas are low in calories and high in nutrients, making them a guilt-free snack for travelers. The crunchy texture and savory flavors make them addictive, while their lightweight nature makes them easy to carry. Roasted Makhanas are also available in sweet variations, coated with flavors like caramel or chocolate. Indulge in this nutritious snack during your travels for a delightful and satisfying munching experience.

  • Spicy Murukku
  • Murukku is a popular South Indian snack made from rice flour and various spices. It is a crunchy and savory spiral-shaped snack that offers a burst of flavor with every bite. Spicy Murukku is seasoned with a blend of spices like cumin, chili powder, and sesame seeds, giving it a spicy kick. This snack is not only delicious but also has a long shelf life, making it a convenient choice for travel. Spicy Murukku is lightweight and can be easily carried in small containers or zip-lock bags, providing you with a crispy and spicy treat during your journeys.

  • Dry Fruit Trail Mix
  • A dry fruit trail mix is a nutritious and energy-packed snack that is perfect for traveling. It typically consists of a combination of dried fruits like raisins, apricots, cranberries, along with nuts such as almonds, cashews, and walnuts. This mix offers a balance of natural sweetness and crunch, providing you with essential nutrients and a quick energy boost. The dry fruit trail mix is highly portable and can be carried in small resealable bags or containers. It is a convenient snack to keep you energized and satisfied during long flights, train rides, or outdoor adventures.

  • Aam Papad
  • Aam Papad, also known as mango fruit leather, is a popular sweet and tangy Indian snack made from mango pulp. The pulp is spread thinly, dried, and cut into small rectangular shapes. Aam Papad is a lightweight and compact snack that offers the natural flavors of mango in a chewy and portable form. It is a favorite among both children and adults and provides a refreshing and fruity taste during travel. Aam Papad comes in various flavors and can be enjoyed as a standalone snack or used as a topping for desserts like ice cream or yogurt.

  • Peanut Chikki
  • Peanut Chikki is a sweet and nutty dry Indian snack made from roasted peanuts and jaggery (unrefined cane sugar). The peanuts are caramelized with jaggery and then hardened into a bar or brittle form. Peanut Chikki offers a delightful combination of crunchiness and sweetness, making it a favorite among travelers. It is highly durable, non-perishable, and easy to carry. This energy-packed snack provides a quick burst of calories and essential nutrients during long journeys or outdoor activities. Enjoy the natural flavors and nutritional benefits of peanuts in this classic Indian snack.

  • Dry Kachori
  • Dry Kachori is a savory and crispy snack that is ideal for traveling. It is a deep-fried pastry filled with a spiced mixture of lentils, spices, and dried herbs. Dry Kachori has a long shelf life and can be stored for several days without losing its taste or texture. It is a compact snack that can be easily packed and carried in airtight containers. Dry Kachori provides a burst of flavors and a satisfying crunch, making it a popular choice for those craving a savory snack during their travels.


    When it comes to convenient travel snacks, these dry Indian food items, including Methi Khakra, offer a diverse range of flavors, textures, and nutritional benefits. Their lightweight nature, long shelf life, and ease of portability make them perfect companions for any journey. So, the next time you embark on an adventure, don't forget to pack these delicious dry Indian snacks to keep your taste buds satisfied while traveling.

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