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Combo Consists Of:

1 * Samak Rice (Morya) 250Gms

1 * Vrat Chaat Masala 100Gms

1 * Sabudana 250Gms

1 * Potato Chips 200Gms

1 * Sabudana Papad 200Gms

1 * Sabudana Jalebi 200Gms

1 * Sattvic Dhoop 20Pcs

Samak Rice:

Naturally grown. Has no chemicals and pesticides. Stock in an air-tight glass or stainless steel container in a cool and dry place. Samak Rice is rich in digestible fibers, minerals, and vitamins and gives complete nourishment. Because of its fiber attribute, you feel fuller for a longer period of time, thus reducing the food intake and helping in portion control and loss of weight. Best fiber food. Samak ke Chawal also known as Barnyard Millet. Special Vrat (Fasting) Super Food. In the Navratri diet, Samak Chaval is a perfect replacement for rice eaters. It is not a cereal but a fruit. It is the seed of a grass (EchinochloaColonum) that frequently grows amongst the rice paddy. In fact, one can have it in every spiritual fast. It is also known as Samo rice or Samak rice.

Vrat Special Chaat Masala:

Key Features: A flavorsome blend of spices to lend authenticity to your Chaats like Dahi Bhalla, Papdi Chaat, Aloo Tikki, Fruit Salad, etc., Enhances the taste of vrat or fasting dishes or non-fasting dishes Key Benefits: Preservative & Chemical Free. Natural Ingredients. 100% Vegetarian. Zero Added Sugar. No Added Colour. Handmade Original Recipe. Usage: Sprinkle it liberally on all your dishes Refrigerate in an airtight container.

Sabudana / Sabudana Papad / Sabudana Jalebi:

Material Feature: Vegetarian Ingredients: sabudana Product weight: 250 g, type of container: pouch Package Contents: 1 pack of 250 grams sabudana Subudana or Tapioca Sago is commonly used during fasting occasions like Navratras or any spiritual fasting to prepare dishes such as Subadana, Pappad, Jalebi, Kheer, Khichadi, Vada, Bonda Etc.

Potato Chips:


Potato, Sendha Salt. 

Ready to fry. Best for all spiritual fasting.

Sattvic Dhoop:

Saatvik Dhoop is made from cow dung base. It is made up of Geru and other Ayurvedic products. The burning of Dhoop purifies the atmosphere. It acts as a mosquito repellant. The scent of shudh dhoop purifies & makes the complete surroundings pure and pleasant. It is also useful to kill bacteria. The natural essence of dhoop provides spiritual purity.

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Must buy as it gives everything you need in fasting diet 👍👍

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