1-Kerala Bay Leaf -

This Is AVegetarianProduct✔ Premium Variety - The Finest Grade Bayleaf (Tejpatta) From The Tropical Region Of Southern Kerala. It Is 100% Natural, Unprocessed And Highly Aromatic.✔ Flavor - The Taste Is Herbal, Slightly Floral, And Somewhat Similar To Oregano And Thyme.✔ Packaging - Packaged Carefully And Hygienically To Retain The Original Taste, Aroma And Essence.✔ Health Benefits - Bay Leaf Is Good For Heart And Digestive System.It Acts As A Stress Buster And Prevents Respiratory Diseases

.2-Kerala Turmeric 100Gm-

Ingredients: 100Gm Pure And Organic, Experiment: 1 Yearturmeric Powder To Whiten Skin And Best For Foodnatural Remedies For Blondness And Skin Blonding - Gives Your Face And Skin A Natural Glow / Naturally Removes Unwanted Facial Hairin Order To Improve The Quality Of Our Lives, This Powerful Spice Can Be Added To Various Types Of Dishes.Stir Curry, Smoothie, Hot Milk, Salad, Fried Dishes And Any Other Way You Like.

3-Kerala Hing ( Asafoetida Cubes)-

Asafoetida Powder, Commonly Known As A ‘Hing’, Is Made By Crushing Asafoetida Resins Taken From The Roots Of The Plants That Belong To The Ferula Species. It Is Used As A Flavouring Ingredient In Food And Beverages. It Is Widely Used In Rice Dishes Like Biryani, Vegetable Dishes Like Dal, Pees Etc For The Aroma It Spreads. It Is A Great Medicine That Cures Digestive And Breathing Problems.

4-Kerala Bird'S Eye Chilly-

This Is A Vegetarian Product Fresh Land On Order. Homestead Produced From Idukki, Kerala Collections From Our Farms, Farmers And Tribal People. 100% Pure And Natural. Free From Pesticides And Other Chemical Impurities. One Of The Top Ten Spicy Peppers With Medicinal Properties Including High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Lowering Ability. Increases Metabolism, Reduces Weight

.5-Kerala All Spices /Kabab Chini-

Allspice Is The Dried Fruit Of The P. Dioica Plant. The Fruits Are Picked When Green And Unripe And Are Traditionally Dried In The Sun. When Dry, They Are Brown And Resemble Large, Brown, Smooth Peppercorn. The Whole Fruits Have A Longer Shelf Life Than The Powdered Product, And Produce A More Aromatic Product When Freshly Ground Before Use. Fresh Leaves Are Used Where Available. They Are Similar In Texture To Bay Leaves, Thus Are Infused During Cooking And Then Removed Before Serving. Unlike Bay Leaves, They Lose Much Flavor When Dried And Stored, So Do Not Figure In Commerce. The Leaves And Wood Are Often Used For Smoking Meats Where Allspice Is A Local Crop. Allspice Can Also Be Found In Essantail Oil Form. Health Benefits Of Allspice Anti-Inflammatory Qualities. One Of The Most Celebrated Aspects Of Allspice Is Its Ability To Lower Inflammation And Alleviate Pain In Parts Of The Body. … Aids In Digestion. … Boosts Immunity. … Antioxidant Capacity. … Dental Care. … Improves Circulation. … Protects Heart Health. Taste Of Allspice Allspice Is Pungent And Fragrant. It Is Not A Blend Of “All Spices,” But Its Taste And Aroma Remind Many People Of A Mix Of Cloves, Cinnamon, And Nutmeg.

6-Kerala'S Chutney Powder -

An Aromatic And Spicy Mixture Of Lentils And Selected Spices. This Organic Chutney Powder Contains Spices Like Coriander, Red Chilli, Black Pepper, Cumin, Fenugreek, Jaggery And Nutmeg. The Shelf Life Is 12 Months When Stored In Cool And Dry Place.

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