Milk Solids, Skimmed Milk Powder, Sugar, Milk Casein, Fine Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil

This Is AVegetarianProduct
  • Vacuum Packs For Extended Shelf Life
  • No Preservatives
  • Low Sugar Dessert
This Is AVegetarianProduct
  • These Bengali Sweets Have Been Specially Packaged Using Technology Specifically To Maintain Their Freshness And To Give Them An Extended Shelf Life.
  • These Sweets Are Less Sweet As Compared To Canned Sweets.
  • The Containers Being Used Are Reusable, Microwave And Freezer Friendly.
  • Buy With Confidence - Ghasitaram'S Name Has Been Synonymous With Eating For Over 100 Years Now That They Are Operating.A Lot Of Time And Effort Has Been Spent By Him In Researching And Developing Sweets And Delicacies From The Corners Of India.To Encourage Encouragement Within The Family, They Are Also Provided To Seek Out Ancient Recipes Filled With Classical Manuscripts And To Innovate With Unusual Combinations.
  • Biggest - We Lead Gifts And Concepts For All Occasions, From The Choice Of Corporate Or Wedding Gifts To Food With Signature Items And Recipes.We Deliver Pan World Gifts,

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