Shelf Life: 6 Months

  • Ingredients: Pure Lemon Extract &Amp; Dezire Lg Natural Low Gi Sweetener
  • Serving Tip-Off: Mix 20 Ml Squash Plus 100 Ml Water Or Soda Is Equal To 120Ml Juice Low Glycemic Product (Blood Sugar Control) 100% Natural, No Side Effects, Sugar-Free - Made From 100 Percent Natural, Low Gi Sweetener (Levulose) No Bitter After-Taste In Contrast To Other Sweeteners - Provides Sustained Energy Suitable For All Ages, Diabetic-Friendly Lemon Extract Has A High Level Of Antioxidants, Which Helps In Aiding Digestion. Can Help Weight Loss Or Weight Control When Used As A Part Of An Isocaloric Diet. Naturally Lingering Mellowed Sweetness. Suitable For Diabetics And Health-Conscious.
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