Stainless Steel Vegetable And Fruit Peeler

Peeler Is A Sleek And Stylish Design That Makes Peeling Fruits And Vegetables Simple. The Peeler Features A Swivel Head Blade Constructed Of Tough, Rust-Resistant Steel. The Peeler'S Ergonomic Handle Provides A Sure, Comfortable Grip. This Peeler'S Compact Size Makes It Easy To Store In The Kitchen. The Peeler Is Completely Dishwasher Safe For Easy Cleanup. This Fine Product Is Warranted To Be Free From Defects In Material And Workmanship.

Product Features :

Build To Perform :

Extra Durable Construction For Easy Peeling. The Ceramic Blades Won’T Rust Or Corrode Over Time, Making These Peelers Long Lasting.

Easy To Clean :

This 2 Pack Of Peelers Are Easy To Clean With Just Some Warm Soapy Water.

Comfortable Design :

These Peelers Have Non-Slip Handles, That Make Each Peeler Easy To Grasp, Preventing Slipping And Making These Peelers Safe To Use. Sharp Blades : Both Ceramic Peelers Have Super Sharp Blades That Will Keep A Sharp Edge Longer Than Traditional Metal Peelers.

Versatile Kitchen Tool :

Peelers Can Be Used For A Variety Of Kitchen Tasks Outside Of Peeling Off Unwanted Peels From Veggies, Fruits And Starches. Make Beautiful Zucchini And Carrot Ribbons For A Salad, Shave Chocolate To Decorate A Pie Or Cake And Peel Citrus To Garnish Cocktails.

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