Rodent Control - Small Rat Killer Cakeâ 

Rat Killer Cake Is A Ready-To-Use Rodent Bait, Which Is 100% Harmless To Humans And Pets.

Cake Rats Mostly Die Outdoors Safer For Pets Poison The Path Usually Taken By Rats To Enter And Leave Your House Will Be Ideal For Placement. Break The Block Into Small Cubes. Keep One To Two Cubes At Appropriate Intervals According To The Degree Of Infestation. Collect And Dispose Off All Dead Animals And Left Over Bait Properly And Repeat Dosage If Infestation Is High. To Prevent Re-Infestation With Rodents, Limit Sources Of Leftover Food, Water And Harborage As Much As Possible.


  • Designed To Be Irresistible To Rodents.
  • Just One Cube Is Sufficient To Kill Any Type Of Rat.
  • Perfect For Gardens | Compounds | Playgrounds | Flower Beds Etc.

How To Use?

  • Break Off A Cube Of Rat Killer Cake Along The Perforations
  • Place The Baits In And Around The Affected Area Concentrating On Rodent Burrows
  • Recommended For Outdoor Use Only


  • No Smell No Stain Pet Safe
  • It Kills The Rat In One Feed
  • Its Unique Formula Ensures That Most Rats Die Outdoors
  • Useful To Control Mouse Rat, Will Die Out Side Mostly
  • All New Advance Formula For Effective Result

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