Zabar Kashmiri Kahwa Instant Mix

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  • Zabar Kashmiri Kahwa Instant Mix
  • Kahwa Is A Traditional Green Tea That's Utmost Generally Consumed In Kashmir. Like Any Other Green Tea, It Comes With Multitudinous Health Benefits. Still, As Kashmiri Kehwa Is A Spice- Seasoned Green Tea, The Presence Of Saffron, Green Cardamom, And Cinnamon In Addition To The Tea Leaves Add To Its Health Benefits.
  • Health Benefits: In Kashmiri Homes, It's Served After Refections Since It Not Only Aids In Digestion But Also Helps To Wash Down Fat, Therefore Making It An Ideal Addition To A Weight Watcher's Diet. Saffron Present In Kahwa Tea Vitamin B12, Help To Recharge The Body Defense System. Rich In Antioxidants & Helps To Feel Relaxed. Energy Booster Kahwa Tea Isn'T Only A Great Way To Protest Start The Day But Also Helps To Incontinently Recharge You Whenever You Feel Tired Or Sleepy. It's The Perfect Libation To Relieve Headaches, Cheer You Up, And To Make You Feel More Active.
  • Preparation: Add 1 Tablespoon Full Of Kehwa Mix To A Mug Of Boiling Water. Cover For A Nanosecond And Relish.
  • Delivery TAT: 5-7 Working Days. (Originally Sourced & Freshly Delivered).
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