Gangaram Amarchand White Feni Feeki 1Kg

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Gangaram Amarchand Halwai

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  • White Feeki Feni
  • White Feeki Feni Is One Of The Most Succulent And Cherished Indian Sweets Across The World. White Feni Without Sugar Open And Eat Drum Is Made With An Astonishingly Rich Taste. This Is The Same System As The Stylish Fini Are Made With Any Sweet Saccharinity. Fini Is Prepared Using Each-Natural Constituent. This Product Is Made With The Finest Quality Constituents And Began From The State Of Rajasthan In India.
  • White Feeki Feni, Traditional Cate, Dhoodh Fini, Winter Cate Sweet, Rajasthani Special White Feni Without Sugar, Pheni Sweet, Pinni Sweet Box. White Feeki Feni, Traditional Cate, Dhoodh Feni, Winter Cate Sweet, Rajasthani Special White Fini Without Sugar, Pheni Sweet, Pinni Sweet Box. This Unique Product Serves The Purpose.
  • It Comes In Colorful Ranges & Variety And Hence Fulfills The Need Of All. • A Rajasthan Special, It Involves Important Tedious Medication And Great Pride. It's A Royal Cate That Deserves To Be A Part Of Your Palate On All Special Occasions. • Phinni Traditional Cate Sweets For Marwari Suckers. • A Perfect And Succulent Mithai For Your Everyday Mood Used Finest Quality Component. • Handwrought Indian Mithai And Snack-Our Sweets Are Made With 100 Pure Desi Ghee, Snacks With The Stylish Quality Meliorated Canvas, And Fresh Constituents To Maintain Taste And Quality. • Enjoy These Rajasthani Jhodpur Winter Delight Sweets, During The Jubilee Of Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Lohri. Largely Recommendable For Women After Delivery. Delicious And Healthy Snacks. • No Added Preservatives Or Colors. Our Technical Packaging Ensures Newness And Shelf Life. • Traditional & Organic Taste.
  • Constituents: Maida, Desi Ghee, Cardamom, Etc
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