Healthy Dig Healthy Dig Waffle Chips 60Gm

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Healthy Dig

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  • Waffle Chips
  • The Yummiest Non Fried Snack In City Is Then. Hotcakes Chips Speckled With Chocolate Will Leave Your Senses Asking For Further, With Absolutely No Guilt Go Ahead And Try This As Its Baked And Non Fried.
  • Light And Crunchy Waffle Mouthfuls-Perfect Snack Or Cate, It's No Ordinary Blin! Age Old Fashions Of Waffle Mill Are Unique And We'Re Devoted To Furnishing You With A Brickle, Sweet, And Succulent Treats, So You Do Nt Have To Feel Shamefaced For Enjoying Snack Time.
  • Waffle Mills Blin Mouthfuls Are A Perfect Breakfast Or Snack To Start Your Day With Endless Possibilities. Wake Up And Hail The Day With The Sense-Good Taste Of The Blin Chips. Waffle Chips Are Crisp And Make For An Intriguing Snack. Its Ideal For Breakfast Or As A Academy Tiffin Snack. The Blin Mouthfuls Are Veritably Crisp, Light And Brickle. Its Fine Bakery Earthenware And A Personal Food. It's Drafted From Succulent Constituents That Are Accessible And Easy To Prepare.
  • Constituents: Dark Choco Mizzle, Sugar, Comestible Vegetable Fat (Hydrogenated), Cocoa Solids & Emulsifiers, Refined Wheat Flour (Maida), Sugar, Palmolein Canvas, Bounce, Milk Solids, Salt, Sea Swab, Baking Greasepaint.
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