True Elements Fruit And Nut Muesli 1Kg

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  • Muesli Is Something That Each Health Aware Person Advises You To Add To Your Diet. It Is A Breakfast Cereal Made From Raw Rolled Oats, Dried Fruits, Seeds And Nuts.
  • True Elements Fruit And Nut Muesli Is A Light And Crispy Variety Of Muesli Filled With Dried Fruits And Nuts. It Is A Tasty Treat For Your Family Offering A Pleasant Flavour But Not Come To Terms On Your Health. The Delicious Mixture Of Dried Fruits And Nuts With 100% Natural Whole Grains Makes It A Perfect Breakfast Treat For Health-Conscious People, Who Do Not Want To Give Up On Taste While On A Diet. From Giving You With A Rich Taste Of Natural Elements In It, This Breakfast Food Also Keep Your Health And Improves Your Well Being.
  • It Comprise Of Freeze-Dried Fruits In It. The Fruits Are Dried Using A New Dehydration Technology By Keeping Them In Cold Temperature Below 0 Degree Celsius For Freezing Followed By Immediate Dehydration. The Sugar Content Is Only Fruit Sugar And It Does Not Contain Any Refined Sugar. When Rehydrated In Liquid, These Fruits Develop The Same Taste,Feel And Texture As That Of Fresh Fruits. Also, Since They Are Exposed To A Very Low Temperature, It Retains All The Nutrients.
  • Standard Serving Size: 30G, Health Benefits: How Can Fruit And Nut Muesli Help Improve Your Health? Prevent Energy Slump With A Delicious Breakfast. It Can Keep You Going For A Long Time, Preventing The Energy Slumps Because It Consists Of Oats Which Is Fully Rich In Protein And Vitamins. A Bowl Full Of Oats Blended With Dried Fruits And Nuts Can Provide You With The Required Nutrition For The Day And Give You An Energetic Boost For The Rest Of The Day. Had Enough With A Strict Diet? Have Muesli To Lose Weight. Fibre-Richrolled Oats Present In This Muesli Keeps You Full For A Long Time And Can Reduce Your Hunger Pangs. Raisins Contain Special Fibre Which Has A Laxative Effect While Almonds Keep The Blood Sugar Levels Under Control As They Are Rich In Monounsaturated Fats. Keep Various Diseases At Bay, With A Cup Of This Healthy Breakfast. Honey Is A Rich Source Of Antioxidants Which Fights Off Many Foreign Particles And Keeps Inflammatory Diseases At Bay, Due To The Anti-Inflammatory Properties Present In It. Being Unheated, Unprocessed And 100% Natural, There Is No Loss Of Nutrients, Hence It Can Provide You With All The Health Benefits In Just One Teaspoon Of It. Do You Have High Blood Pressure Problems? A Single Cup Of Muesli Can Help You: Oats And Whole Grains Are A Rich Source Of Fibre, Which Helps In Stabilizing The Glucose Levels And Maintain Good Cholesterol Levels. They Are Low In Cholesterol And Do Not Contain Unhealthy Fats, Which Prevents The Hardening Of Arteries, And Avoids Strokes, Heart Attacks And Other Such Heart-Related Disorders.
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