The Malwa Til Crispy Chikki 350 Gm

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The Taste Of Malwa

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  • Til Crispy Chikki Is A Crisp Sweet Treat Which Has A Blend Of Jaggery And Til Or Sesame Seeds. It's Succulent And Quick To Make. Then's How To Make It At Home. There Are Numerous Different Goodies And Sweets That We Prepare In India For Carnivals And Fests.
  • Chikki Made From Till Are Veritably Nutritional. Hence, My Favourite Chikki Form Is Of Til Chikki That Has Sesame Seeds. Til Ki Chikki Has A Fine Blend Of Jaggery, Sesame Seeds Made By Placing A Visage That's Used To Cook Ghee And Admixture Of Sesame Jaggery With Ghee On Heat. Eventually When The Blend Cools Down The Roll Is Made And The Till Chikki Get Ready To Be Served. This Is A Grand Festivity In All Corridor Of India, With Vampire Flying And Medication Of Food From Fresh Crop. Gujarati Homes Celebrate The Jubilee Of Harpies Or Uttarayan With Medication Of A Special Sweet From Sugar Or Jaggery And Dry Fruits, Known As Chikki.
  • We All Relish Eating Chikki, Patti, Ladoo Prepared With Sesame Seeds, Especially During Layoffs. Crisp Sesame Chikki Is Blunt And Delicious Same As Sesame Seeds Gajak. It Takes Veritably Lower Time To Prepare This Chikki.
  • Constituents: Sesame Seeds, Sugar, Ghee, Cashews, Pistachios, Green Cardamom.
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