The Malwa Special Pudina Sev 350 Gm

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The Taste Of Malwa

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  • Pudina Sev/ Mint Sev Is A Succulent, Scrumptious, And Green Multicolored Healthy Snack Prepared By Adding Freshly Ground Mint Juice To Besan Admixture, Which Is Made Into Dough, Pressed, And Deep-Fried As Sev. Sounds Super Easy Right, Same Goes With The Taste A Brickle Sev With Flavors Of Mint In Every Bite Feels So Stimulating When Served As An Evening Snack Along With A Mug Of Hot Tea/ Coffee And Can Also Be Used As A Trim For Numerous Chaat Particulars To Add New Flavors And Taste To The Chaat Dish. Pudina Sev Requires Nearly The Veritably Same Constituents As Regular Sev But With Slight Changes As The Name Goes.
  • This Is A Delicious And Brickle Tea Time Snack. Pudina Sev Is A Tasty, Stupendous, And Veritably Scrumptious Crisp Snack That Goes Well When Served With Tea Or Coffee Or Can Also Be Eaten As A Time-Pass Snack. This Aromatically Seasoned Sev Has A Nice Affable Substance And Taste Of The Pudina Or Mint Juice Which Is Added To The Batter While Mixing. Mildly Spices, Crisp, Brickle On A Bite, And An Amazing Sense And Satisfaction You Get While Eating This Pudina Sev Is Truly Godly To The Palate.
  • Component: Chickpea Flour (Besan Atta), Mint Leaves, Green Chilies, Hing (Asafoetida), Turmeric.
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