The Malwa Peanut Revdi 350 Gm

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The Taste Of Malwa

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  • Peanut Revdi
  • Crunchy Homemade Peanut Revadi Is Irresistible Layers Made With Peanuts, Jaggery, And Sesame Seeds. These Bite-Sized Sweet Treats Make A Perfect Edible Gift During The Winter Season. Do Give These Yummy Revadis A Try.
  • Revadi Is A Traditional Indian Sweet Delicacy Like Brittle Made With Jaggery, Nuts, And Seeds. Peanut Revdi Is Made By Stirring Brickle Roasted & Bearded Peanuts In A Hot Thick Jaggery Result. The Hot Admixture Is Allowed To Set Hard As Crossbeams Which Are Farther Sliced Into Places. Everyone's Favorite And Is Enjoyed In All Corridors Of India. It's Also Made During Carnivals Like Sankranti And Dussehra In South India.
  • This Energy Boosting Treat Is Inversely Healthy And Nutritional Since It Uses Jaggery, An Indian Unrefined Sweetener Made From Sugarcane Juice.
  • • Indian Snacks Peanut Revdi From The Fabulous. • Homemade Peanut Revdi. It's Natural Nutritional Revdi Snacks And Sweets. • Peanut Revdi Is Relatively Sweet With A Delicious Taste. • Peanut Revdi Is A Healthy Treat And Healthy Snack Which Is A Sprat-Friendly And Perfect Indian Snack.
  • Constituents: Peanuts, Gram Jaggery, Pistachios, Ghee & Cardamom.
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