The Malwa Panchratna Gajak 350 Gm

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The Taste Of Malwa

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  • Panchratna Gajak
  • As The Name Suggests, Panchratna Gajak Is A Beautiful Admixture Of 5 Different And Special Constituents Perfect For Maintaining Health Also A Unique & Succulent Treat. Stock Up Your Kitchen With This Gajak And Drink Your Guests With A Sweet And Healthy Snack.
  • Panchratna Gajak Is A Wintersweet And Is Popular Amongst The North Indians. This Is Another Sweet Love By People And Offered To The Lord Ganesha During The Jubilee Of Ganesh Chaturthi. One Can Fluently Guess That The Beautiful Admixture Of Panchratna Gajak Comprises 5 Constituents. They Help To Maintain Health Impeccably While Serving The Purpose Of A Sweet. Principally, Made From Sesame Seeds (Or Til) And Jaggery (Or Gud), This Sweet Is Healthy To Eat.
  • The Sweet Is Good For Digestion. It Boosts Skin Health And Your Energy Situations To Keep You Healthy & Fresh During The Ten- Day Jubilee. The Sweet Is Rich In Fibre. It Offers The Stylish Taste And A Range Of Flavours To Your Taste Kids. This Panchratna Gajak Is Most Power Packed Sweet Treat. It's Brickle And Delicious, Offering Flavours In Every Bite. With Colorful Benefits And Succulent Flavour, This Is The Perfect Sweet To Offer To God.
  • Constituents: Tulsi, Long, Mulethi, Till, Jaggery, Kesar, Ginger
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