The Malwa Mohanthal 250 Gm

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The Taste Of Malwa

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  • Mohanthal Is An Absolutely Sweet Dessert, Made By The Marothiya Pedewala. This Succulent Sweet Has Got Melt-In-The- Mouth Texture And It's Made Of Gram Flour, Ghee, Sugar And Added With The Enticing Flavor Of Cardamom.
  • Mohanthal Is Fudge Made With Besan, Ghee And Sugar. It's Frequently Seasoned With Cardamom, Saffron, Mace, And Garnished With Nuts. It Has A Coarse Texture. Occasionally, Mawa/ Khoya Is Also Added To It. The Sweet Is Popular In The Countries Of Gujarat And Rajasthan In India. Mohanthal Is A Traditional Sweet That Has A Huge Fanfare In India. Plant In Colorful Shapes And Sizes, It Offers A Fresh Trip Down Memory Lane With The Soft Touch Of Tradition And Succulent Flavor. Sweets Are Prepared In Multitudinous Styles Pertaining To Specific Carnivals. Order Traditional Sweets From The Taste Of Malwa, And Enjoy The Delicacy Of Succulent Taste And Happiness In Your Life.
  • Constituents: Besan, Ghee, Sugar, Flavorings.
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    Apr 15, 2022
    Light sweet & fresh, all my efforts were fruitful..

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