The Malwa Madrasi Chikki 350 Gm

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The Taste Of Malwa

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  • Madrasi Chikki
  • A Traditional Madrasi Chikki Made From Some Selected Groundnuts Mixed With Jaggery & Glucose. These Nutritional Constituents Are Mixed In The Right Proportion And The Candy Is Deftly Prepared To Produce An Each- Time Favorite And Healthy Snack Feeding To The Taste Kids Of People Of All Periods.
  • This Sweet Is Popular To Blazon Any Occasion In India. This Sweet Dish Is Relatively Sweet In Taste And Rich With The Luscious Taste Of Jaggery & Sesame Pure Desi Ghee, Cardamom. It's Preferred By All The People. Too Important Of A Good Thing Can Be Succulent, You'Ll Discover When You Bite Into This Sesame-Jaggery Seasoned Sweet Melting Into Your Mouth With Every Bite. Madrasi Chiki Is Handcrafted Sweet, Soft,Non-Sticky, And Nutritional Chikki. It's A Natural Chikki Made Purely From Jaggery & Roasted Peanuts In A Way Like It's Manual. Gud Chikki Is Relatively Sweet With An Adeptly Succulent Taste. Chikki Peanuts Is A Healthy Treat And Healthy Snack Which Is Kiddies Friendly And The Perfect Indian Snack.
  • Constituents: Jaggery, Peanut, Mustered Canvas.
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