The Malwa Gond Gajak 350 Gm

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The Taste Of Malwa

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  • Gond Gajak
  • Gond Gajak Is Made With Super Quality Gond Or Edible Gum Which Prepares You To Fight Winter. Enjoy The Brickle Delights Or You Can Even Gift This To Your Loved Ones.
  • Gazak Is A Traditional Healthy Indian Sweet. Gajak Is Made Up Of A Natural Combination Of Jaggery (Gud) Which Contains A Lot Of Iron & Sesame (Tilli) A Great Energy Booster. Gondh ( Gum) – They'Re Tiny Dark Nutty- Seasoned Seeds That Are Rich In Nutrients Like Healthy Fats, Fiber & Antioxidants. Gondh ( Gum) Nourishes The Bone Tissues & Is Veritably Nutritional. Our Gond Gajak Is Made With Gondh ( Gum), Jaggery, Sesame (Tilli), Desi Ghee, Cardamom & Garnished With Pistachio. It's One Of The Healthy Sweets Which Is Soft In First Bite & Crunchy In Alternate.
  • It's Sprat-Friendly & The Best Fit For Fasting (Upwas). Gajak In Winter Is A Veritably Good & Healthy Alcohol. Many Doctors Preferred This Combination Of Supernatural Constituents In Their Daily Routine. Gud Gajak Is Made Up Of Natural Sources Jaggery (Gud), Sesame, Cardamom (Elachi).
  • Ingredients: Jaggery, Tilli, Gond Ghee, Sugar, Mustard Oil.
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