The Malwa Black Diamond Til Laddu 350 Gm

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The Taste Of Malwa

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  • Black Diamond Til Laddu
  • Black Sesame Has High In Iron Which Helps In Curing Blood- Related Diseases Or Anemia. The Nutrition Level Of Black Sesame Seeds Is Found To Be High As Compared To Red Sesame & White Seeds If A Comparison Is To Be Made On The Base Of Nutrition.
  • It's Made With Sesame Seeds, Palm Jaggery, Grounded Green Cardamom, Desiccated Coconut Cream, Nutmeg Cream, And Desi Ghee For Taste. Sesame Seeds Are Fried First And Also Mixed With Palm Jaggery And Ghee, As It Releases Their Aroma.
  • • Black Sesame Ladoos Are Super Rich In Nutrients With Vitamin B, Iron And Zinc. • They'Re Also Rich In Magnesium And Calcium, Which Give Strength To The Bones. Good Snacking • Black Sesame Seeds Haveanti-Aging Elements & Good Healthy Food For All Periods. • It's Called"Til Ladoos"In Hindi And"Ellundu"Down South.
  • Constituents: Cashew, Cardamom Powder, Sesame Seeds, Jaggery And Water.
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