The Malwa Besan Laddu 250 Gm

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The Taste Of Malwa

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  • Besan Laddu
  • Besan Ladoo Is A Delicious, Gluten-Free Indian Sweet Made Of Ghee, Sugar, And Besan (Chickpea Flour Or Gram Flour). Besan Is Roasted In Ghee Till Golden Brown Appearance With A Nutty Scent. Also, Sugar Is Added To It. Pistachio Pieces Are Also Mixed In This Admixture Voluntarily. Sweet Balls Are Also Made From This Admixture. It Has A Long Shelf Life. It's Frequently Served At Carnivals, Family Events, And Religious Occasions In India. Besan Laddu Decorated With Tableware Antipode And Almond Chips.
  • Sweet Childhood Memories Besan Laddoo, Now Who Doesn’T Remember Holding This Manual Delicacy. The Melt-In-Mouth Besan (Gram Flour) Softened With Pure Ghee With A Crunch Of Kaju In A One-Off Bite. Made Hypercritically By Maters And Grandmothers During The Days Leading To Diwali This Laddoo Makes The Academy-Going Children's Holiday Indeed Further Fun. Laddu Or Laddoo Are Ball-Shaped Sweets Popular In The Indian Key. Laddus Are Made Of Flour, Diced Dough, And Sugar With Other Constituents That Vary By Form. They'Re Frequently Served On Gleeful Or Religious Occasions. Laddoo Is A Universal Sweet.
  • Constituents: Channa Besan, Sugar, Ghee, Milk, Water, Cardamom Greasepaint, Cashews.
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    Apr 14, 2022
    Fresh & Delicious, Good quality laddoo with added nuts for enhanced nutritional value.

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