The Malwa Alsi Dryfruit Laddu 350 Gm

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The Taste Of Malwa

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  • Alsi Dryfruit Laddu
  • This Healthy Cate Has Been Prepared For Periods In Indian Homes, Balanced Blood Sugar, And Controlled Weight. Flaxseeds Are Salutary For Diabetics. Flaxseeds Can Be Consumed In The Ground Or Pulverized Form, Flaxseed Ladoos Can Do Prodigies To Your Body, Savouring Flaxseeds In The Form Of Ladoos Will Be A Treat To Your Palate.
  • Healthy Foods In Your Routine Diet Are Of Utmost Significance As They Will Help In Making A Stronger Vulnerable System, Especially During This Time. Flaxseeds Might Look Small But Are Packed With Health Benefits That Can Make Or Break The Deal. Flaxseeds Can Be Consumed In The Grounded Or Powdered Form As Well. Still, If You Do Not Like The Idea Of Eating Them Raw Also Experiment A Bit With Your Culinary Skills And Convert Them Into Leads! Yes, It's Truly Important Possible. Savouring Flaxseeds In The Form Of Ladoos Aren'T Only Salutary For Your Health But Will Be A Treat To Your Palate As Well.
  • Helps In Controlling Blood Sugar. These Tiny Seeds Are An Excellent Source Of Omega-3, Adipose Acids Which Is An Essential Fat That Our Body Can Not Produce On Its Own. Flaxseed Ladoo With A Glass Of Warm Milk Can Turn Out To Be Fairly Salutary During Layoffs.
  • Flax Seeds Are An Excellent Source Of Nascence-Linolenic Acid Which Is Linked To Lowering Ldl Cholesterol, As Well As Triglycerides Situations. These Laddoos Are A Perfect Quintet Of Alsi I.E. Flaxseeds And Dry Fruits. Enjoy These Succulent And Brickle Laddoos After Lunch Or Regale.
  • Ingredients: Cardamom Cream, Dry Gusto Cream, Ghee, Bura, Alsi, Diced Dry Fruit, Wheat Flour.
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