Teacurry Sleep Tea (1 Month Pack | 30 Tea Bags) - Helps With Insomnia, Snoring And Stress - Sleep Time Tea

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  • Sleep Tea
  • - Sleep Tea Or Sleep Time Tea Is A Fortified Mix Of Green Tea With Chamomile, Lavender, And Lemongrass. It'S A 100 Natural Tea For Calming The Nerve And Relaxing Your Mind. The Exploration Is That Night Tea Helps Relax Immediately Because Of Antioxidants In Chamomile And Lavender. The Tea Provides 4 Really Specific Benefits Controls Fights Anxiety, Prevents Ageing, And Help With Skin Shine. Having A Sweet Flowery Taste, Ayurvedic Tea For Sleep Also Helps Fight Infections And Regulate Cholesterol In The Body. Sleep Enhancing Tea Consists Of A Strong Mix Of Dried Chamomile Flowers Sourced From Himachal Pradesh In Form Of Matricaria Chamomile, Green Tea From Assam, Lemongrass From Kerala In Form Of Cymbopogon Citratus, And Lavender Sourced From The Kashmir Valley In Form Of Lavandula Stoechas. Chamomile Tea Manages To Calm (Lull) You To Sleep. Both The Taste And Scent From The Lavender Flowers Help Promote Calmness And Fitness. This Lavender Tea Is The Amazing Tea For Sleeping And Also Useful To Reduce Stress & Mild Pains In The Body.
  • Night Tea In Both Forms As Sleep Tea Bags And Sleep Tea Loose Pattee (Leaf) - Helps Relax And Soothe The Mind. Green Tea Leaves Help With Fat Burn And Perfect Metabolism. Lemongrass Further Helps In Relieving Pain, Reducing Fever, Perfecting Positions Of Sugar, And Regulating Cholesterol In The Blood. Consuming 2 Grams Of 1 Tea Bag A Day (200- 300 Ml, After Food (Meal)) Of Sleep Time Tea Will Help You Relax Your Mind. Thickness Is Crucial, So Please Do Not Skip Days. Mixing With Other Brands Isn'T Advisable. To Prepare, Please Put 1 Tablespoon Of Sleep Tea Loose Pattee (Leaf)( 2 Gram) Or 1 Sleep Tea Bag In A Glass (Cup) Of Boiling Water( 200- 300 Ml) And Let It Steep For 4 Minutes. You Can Now Strain And Serve. The Sun- Soaked Green- Colored Golden Sleep Well Tea Is Full Of Sweet And Niceness And Warmth Offers Ecstasy With Each Bite (Sip).
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