Teacurry Acne Tea (1 Month Pack | 30 Tea Bags) - Helps In Pimples, Cysts, Pustules & Nodules

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  • Acne Tea
  • - Acne Tea Helps Nourish Your Skin And Help Mark (Pimple) Breaks, Acne Marks. Acne Is A Skin Condition That'S Chronic And Inflammatory In Nature. They Do Spots And Marks (Pimples) - On The Face, Shoulders, Back, Neck, Chest, And Upper Arms. Pimples, Whiteheads, Nodules, And Cysts Are All Types Of Acne. Acne Can Be At All Age But Are More Common During Puberty Or When The Sebaceous Glands Are More Active. The Glands Produce Oil (Oil) And Are Stimulated By Male Hormones Produced By The Glands In Both Males And Females. Grounded On Recent Plan (Surveys) It’S Begin That Acne Affects Three Out Of Every Four Individualities Between The Age Of 11 To 30 Time (Years).
  • Acne Tea Is A Unique Mix Of Chamomile Flowers Sourced From Himachal Pradesh In Form Of Matricaria Chamomilla, Lavender Sourced From The Kashmir Valley In Form Of Lavandula Stoechas, Rose Petals From Punjab, Lemongrass From Kerala In Form Of Cymbopogon Citratus, Turmeric Curcumin Longa( Precious Variety) Sourced From Agriculturists In Andhra Pradesh, Roselle Hibiscus From Mysore, Krishna Tulsi From Sasangir, Banarasi Amla From Varanasi And Mentha Spicata Spearmint( Rare Form And Only Begin In East India) From West Bengal. All These Give The Perfect Mix For Anti-Acne Tea And It Contains No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavors, And Is 100 Per Cent Vegans.
  • Our Anti-Acne Tea Mix Follows All The Recommended Standards By Fssai, Who, And Ncbi. There Are Many Types Of Acne And 60 Day Acne Tea Helps With All Of Them. They'Re As Follows
  • - Whiteheads These Are Generally Small In Size And Stay Under The Skin.
  • - Papules They'Re Small In Size And Are Generally Pink Bumps. They'Re Really Much Visible On The Outside (Surface) Of The Skin. Acne Tea Also Helps With Blights.
  • - Pustules They'Re Red In The Base And Have Pus On The Top. They'Re Cleanly Visible On The Outside (Surface) Of The Skin.
  • - Nodules They’Re Large, Solid, Painful Mark (Pimples) That Are Enrooted (Embedded) Deep In The Skin. They'Re Cleanly Visible On The Outside (Surface) Of The Skin.
  • - Cysts They’Re Painful And Filled With Pus. They Generally Lead To Scars And Are Easily Visible On The Outside (Surface) Of The Skin.
  • Chamomile And Lavender Are High On Anti-Oxidant And Their Strong Bio-Compounds Help The Body Fight Free Radicals Which Lead To Acne Problems. Acne Tea Is Made With Natural Constituents And To Get Optimum Results, You Should Incorporate This, In A Suitable Morning And Night Routine Which Should Be Followed Regularly. It Takes Maximum 50 To 60 Days For Skin Cells To Change Over. This Tea Needs At Least 2 Months Of Use Before You Can See Good Results. In About 3- 4 Weeks, You May Start Noticing Your Acne Issues Start Decreasing And Really Visible Refinements Will Soon Follow Over A 7- 8 Week Period. A Mug (Cup) Of This Herbal Tea On A Regular Base Can Rejuvenate Your Skin And Get You Off All Your Acne Problems. It'S Delicate On Your Palate And Is Available In Both Forms- Acne Tea Bags And Acne Loose Tea Leaves. The Sun- Soaked Color (Yellow) Golden Tea Is Full Of Sweet And Niceness And Warmth Offers Health With Each Sip. However, You Can Also Try Our Skin Shine Tea, If You'Re Looking For A Tea Specifically For Your Skin.
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