Special Mukhwas 90Gm*2 (Pack Of 2)

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  • Special Mukhwas
  • Made With Unique Ingredients Of Various Seeds And Nuts, Often Fennel, Kashmiri Pan, Churi, Roasted Coconut & Roasted Coriander. Once You Purchase, You’Ll Never Forget Us For Our High Quality. We Present Sweetly In Flavour And Aromatic Special Mukhwa With Added Sugar And Essential Oils. The Seeds Can Be Luscious Or Sweet—Coated And Brightly Garnished. Cover Up Your Bad Breath And Put An Odour Of Freshness To Your Mouth With Our Extremely Special Mukhwa.
  • Where The Myth Of Finishing Up A Meal With Mukhwas Is Culturally Meaningful In Many Societies, The Tradition Retains Health Privileges Similarly. We Want This Meaningful, Refreshing, Colourful & Crackling Mukhwas To Be Eaten With The Same Warmth For Years, Even After Generations. We’Ve Added Love With Flavour & Sweet Combinations With Hearts. Call Mukhwas A Healthier Substitute Other Than Desserts. The Mukh – Means Mouth & The Vas – Means Smell. Indeed The Perfect Digestive Edible Ever Created Or Established.
  • Shelf Life: 6 Months
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  • Delivery TAT: 5-7 Working Days. (Originally Sourced & Freshly Delivered).
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