Sattvic Dhoop (20 Pcs*2 With Stand) Box Packing (Pack Of 2)

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  • Sattvic Dhoop Creates A Soothing Atmosphere. It Maintances All 3 Doshas Vata, Pitta, And Kapha. It Induces Peace, Calms The Nervous System, And Renders A Quiet Mental State. Charcoal & Chemical Free- Fully Charcoal-Free Incense Dhoop Sticks Crafted By Indian Native Holy Cow Dung, Desi Cow Ghee, And The Top Quality Constituents Offered By Nature, Each Sattvic Dhoopbatti Is Amended With Ayurvedic Herbs Like Guggal, Camphor, Loban, Nagarmotha, Jatamasi, Tulasi. Boosts Recovery-Sattvic Aromatherapy Herbs Have Antiseptic, Antimicrobial, Andanti-Fungal Properties To Reduce The Danger Of Infection And Bacteria. They Not Only Help Boost The Immune System But Also Aid Holistic Recovery.
  • Traditional Use- Generations Back Women After Having Their Hair Washed Would Dry Up Their Hair With Sambrani Fumes As It's A Disinfectant That Checks Any Infection Of The Scalp, It Also Prevents Headache And Leaves A Supernatural Scent In The Hair. Disinfection Of Climate-Traditionally, In India, Dhoopan Was Done For The Disinfection Of Apartments And The Climate. It Also Helps In The Control Of Pests, Rodents, And Insects And Therefore Prevents The Outbreak Of Conditions. We Love What We Do-We'Re Passionate About Creating An Alternative Healthy And Safe Day-To-Day Need For A Holistic Life. On This Trip, Sattvic Dhoop Cup Is A Landmark Product That Helps Naturally Relaxes The Senses, Relieving Stress Muscles And Converting Happy Hormones – All At The Same Time! Safety Directions- Burn Out From Children And Pets. Insure That Ashes Fall On A Fireproof And Heat-Resistant Face.
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  • Review

    Rekha kanwar
    Jun 23, 2022
    It's very nice, purifies the environment by removing the negative energy. This item comes extremely well packed. The cones themselves have a very long-lasting fragrance, and linger for many hours, and can still be smelt the next day!! One box should last for a very long time. I will recommend to my friends also to use this and share with others. it smells so good.

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