BishanLal BabuLal Raita Boondi 250Gm

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Bishan Lal Babu Lal

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  • Bishanlal Babulal Raita Boondi
  • It's A Pack Of Fried Balls Of Gram Flour Which Can Be Eaten With Curd Or Buttermilk. It's 100% Vegetarian And Comes With A Shelf Life Of 5 Months. It Doesn'T Contain Any Artificial Color Or Enhancing Agent And Has Zero Cholesterol. It Can Be Used To Make Boondi Raita, Chaat, Or The Well- Known South Indian Admixture. Boondi Specialty Is Notorious For Its Unique Taste, Made Of Gram Flour, Pepper, Comestible Canvas & Spices. Enjoy This Anytime Snack Family & Musketeers. Raita Boondi Is A Great Tea- Time Snack. The Garlic, Pepper, And Curry Leaves Are Fried To Make Up For A Great Flavor And Are An Amazing Trim For Curd Particulars. Enjoy This Succulent Snack And Partake It With Your Family And Musketeers.
  • Boondi Raita Is A Popular Dish Across India Substantially In The Northern Region. Boondi Raita Is A Traditional Indian Seasoning Made Substantially From Yogurt. Raita Is Generally Accompanied By Biryani, Pulao, Andparathas.It Tastes Great When Served With Love And Great Food. It Has A Spiced Yogurt With The Soft Boondi Melting In Your Mouth. With This Blend In Your Hand, You Don'T Need To Labor In The Kitchen To Prepare Authentic Boondi Raita. Made From A Medley Of Spices To Conduct The True Taste, This Boondi Raita Blend Is Quick And Easy To Cook. With No Added Preservatives. "Go Oral For Original" Stylish Quality Diet Products Veg Raita Boondi Healthy And Hygienic For Everyday Raita. Used Finest Quality Constituents.It's A Nutritional Snacking Option For Your Each- Time Munch Jones. It's A Brickle Mild- Seasoned Snack. It's A Unique Mix Of Taste And Health Which Gets Fluently Digestible. It's Good For Health. Maintain Your Diet With Delicious Flavors!
  • Constituents: Gram Palpitation Flour, Comestible Vegetable Canvas
  • Famous Indori Traditional Flour Balls To Enjoy With Curd And Buttermilk Prepared Under Aseptic Condition Make Your Mess More Succulent With Raita Boondi
  • Best Before 6 Montsh From The Date Of Manufacturing
  • Before 6 Months From The Date Of Maufacturing
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  • Review

    Jun 13, 2022
    Raita Boondi is one of the most useful food item in Indian households. These tiny, crispy and crunchy balls so delicious in taste.
    Mar 8, 2022
    Tastes spicy and crispy, Absolutely love it, just ordered it again

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