Premium Jaggery Khasta Gajak 400Gm*2 (Pack of 2)

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  • Premium Jaggery Khasta Gajak
  • The Premium Gajak Is Traditionally Made With Roasted Sesame Seeds, Mineral Water, And Rich Jaggery. We’Ve Used A Substantial Amount Of Fresh Vegetable Oil, Glucose, Cardamom And Various Savoury Condiments. The Most Delightful Ingredient Isn’T Just These, But It’S Prepared With Love And Garnished Generously.
  • We’Ve Glorified The Traditional Gajak To Savor During Your Festival. Additionally, Elevating The Flavour Profile Of This Mithai. Great For Gifting Your Loved Ones Or Even Relishing With Your Family. Gajak Isn’T Tasty But Healthy As With The Mix Of Jaggery And Sesame, And It Shall Give Your Heart A Longer Age. Your Bones Get Stronger By Their Daily Consumption. The Sesame Seeds Present In Gajak Are Affluent In Sesamolin, Which Assists In Controlling Blood Pressure. All Our Clients Often Say, Gajak Makes Them All Active And Gives Rise To Better Digestion. Consuming Gajak Furthermore Brings You Glowing Skin. It’S Because Of The Antioxidants Like Selenium And Zinc Present In Gajak, That Make Your Skin Look Younger. Rest Assured, We Serve The Best. So What Are You Waiting For? Get Yourself Our Premium Gajak Today.
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