Panchhi Petha Chocolate 400 Gm

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  • Chocolate Petha – Chocolate Petha Forms One Of The Neat Barfi Made Out Of Petha, And Therefore Is Extensively Liked By All. A Juicy Petha Dipped In Sucrose And Chocolate Subcaste (Layer) Over It Brings About Unmatched Quality And Purity In Taste. Have You Tried This Heavenly Combination? Now Is The Perfect Day To Try Out Our Chocolaty Delight! Our Succulent Chocolate Petha Will Leave You Wanting For Further.
  • The Name Itself Arouses Curiosity And Excitement. Veritably Infrequently (Rarely) Does One Come Across A Sweet That Incorporates The Virtuousness (Goodness) Of Chocolate And The Purity Of A Petha, A Match Truly Made In Heaven. Chocolate Petha Has Been Created To Provision (Cater) To A Growing Demand For Introducing Commodity New And Different Yet Surely Familiar.
  • Dipped In A Subcaste Of Sucrose And Chocolate, The Juicy Petha Acquires A Flavour That's As Succulent As It's Distinct. As The Rich Melted Chocolate Coating Hardens It Adds A Satisfying Crunch And Mouth Feel That Will Leave You Asking For Further.
  • The Most Sought After Petha Presently, A Favorite Amongst Youthful And Old Likewise. We Offer Chocolate Petha For Chocolate Addicts. We Use Chocolate As A Bettering(Topping) On The Petha That Gives A Distinct Taste That Will Lure You To Have Further And More. With A Clean Subcaste Of Dark Chocolate At The Top Makes It Exemplary Beautiful In Taste And Health And Is Extensively Pleased By Youthful People.
  • About This Item
  • 1. Chocolate Garnished Over Petha 2. Bettering (Topping) Of Coconut Powder 3. Loved By Chocolate Loving People 4. Made Under Controlled Germfree Conditions From Quality Constituents 5. Contains Fruit Fiber.
  • Shelf Life: 12 Months
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