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  • Palm Candy
  • - Tal Mishri( Palm Candy) Comes From The West Coast Of India Is A Nutrient-Rich, Low- Glycemic Index Crystalline Sweetener That Looks, Tastes, Dissolves, And Melts Nearly Exactly Like Sugar, But It'S Fully Natural And Unrefined. Palm Tree Sap Is Formed (Crystallized) And Sun- Dried Without Refining Or Adding Any Additives. Palm Sugar Is Unrefined And So It Contains A Some Vitamins And Several Minerals That Would Help To Insure That You Meet Your Diurnal (Daily) Nutritive Needfuls. Utmost Palm Sugars Contain Potassium, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Iron, And Zinc. These Minerals Boost Brain Function And Bolster The Pure (Immune) System. Palm Sugar The Major Factors Of Palm Sugar Are Sucrose, Glucose, And Fructose.
  • Palm Delicacy Or Rock Delicacy Is A Crystalline Sweetener (Which Is Absolutely Free From Chemicals And Bleaches) That Has Also Low Glycemic That Can Be Considered As A Natural Substituent For Refined Sugar. It'S Good For Both Kiddies And Grown-Ups. It Reduces Heat In Our Bodies. It'S Also Known As Panmkarkandu, Panagkalkandu, Etc. Products Are Widely Sourced, With Great Emphasis On Chastity And Authenticity And Are 100 Natural Ayurvedic Products. We Do Not Add Any Preservatives Or Additives In The Product And Using Our Product Will Get You Close To Nature.
  • About This Item:-
  • • Panangarkandu Is Good For Sore(Swollen) Throat/ Common Cough-Cold Ears Pain And For Minor Urinary Infection. It Has The Power To Liquefy Phlegm From The Lungs And Is Extensively Used In Curing Sore Throats And Bringing Down Cholesterol Situations
  • • It Takes Veritably Little Time For Palm Jaggery To Be Broken Down And Absorbed By The Body. Rock Delicacy Contains Minerals Like Potassium, Phosphorus, And Amino Acids Which Are Building Blocks Of Proteins And Are Required For Cell Growth And Cure
  • • Palm Sugar For High Sugar Cases- Manufacturers Of Palm Sugar Or Lump Sugar Or Panam Kalkandu Frequently Claim That It Has A Low Glycemic Index
  • • Tal Mishri Can Be Used As A Sweetener In Tea, Coffee, Hot And Cold Chocolate, Milkshake, Cereals, Yogurt, Baking
  • • It’S Pure And Natural Products And Organic Ayurveda Products With No Additives. We Use Fresh And Pure Ayurvedic Constituents
  • • Palm Sugar Oral Rehydration Result( Ors) Oral Rehydration Results Are Used To Maintain The Electrolyte Balance Within The Cells Of Our Body.
  • • Boosts Energy Situations It Takes Veritably Little Time For Palm Sugar To Be Broken Down And Absorbed By The Body.
  • Shelf Life: 12 Months
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