Healthy Dig Organic Sprouted Ragi Laddu (ragi / finger millet) 200Gm

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Healthy Dig

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  • Organic Sprouted Ragi Laddu/ Finger Millet
  • We'Re Lucky Because The Indian Geography Is Rich And Provides A Wealth Of Healthy Grains In Cornucopia. One Similar With Great Benefits Is Finger Millets Aka ‘Ragi‘.
  • Ragi Fashions Are Generally One Of The Most Nutritional And Healthy. Ragi Is Rich In Protein, Calcium, Carbohydrates, Vitamin, And Fiber, And Ragi Ladoos Are Succulent Sweet Balls Made Using Ragi Flour, Ghee, Natural Sweetener, And Some Nuts. Yes, You Heard It Right. Made With Just 4 Constituents, This Ragi Form Is Delicious And Veritably Easy To Make. We'Ve Used Jaggery As A Sweetener Then And Added Cashew Nut Bits And Mildly Favored The Ladoos With Cardamom Grease Paint, But The Addition Of Nuts Is Purely Voluntary. This Ragi Form Serves As A Healthy Delicious Snack For Kiddies And Grownups Likewise And Can Be Made On Special Occasions Too.
  • Picked Ragi Flour Is An Awful Base For Several Healthy And Traditional Dishes. Ragi Is Used In The Operation Of Diabetes And As A Weaning Food For Babies. It's An Ideal Source Of Protein For Insectivores. Picked Ragi Flour Can Be Used To Make Colorful Succulent Dishes.
  • • 100% Organic • Facilitates Weight Loss • Nutritional And Easy To Digest • Contain Minerals, Vitamins, Iron, Protein, And Natural Filaments.
  • Constituents: Picked Organic Ragi Flour (Finger Millet Flour).
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