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  • Urad Dhuli- Generally Known As White Gram, It Has Been A Largely Prized Pulse Since Ancient Times. White Gram Is Native To Southern Asia And Is Used In The Preparation Of Many Dishes Similar As Purees And Soups. The Delicate White Lentils Don'T Need Soaking. They'Re A Wholesome Food Product Known For Their Rich Protein And Fibre Content. Rich In B Complex Vitamins And Minerals Similar As Calcium And Potassium, Urad Dal White Whole Is A Nutritional Addition To The Dining Table. Our White Lentil Is Veritably Nutritional, Is Richer In Protein And Spare Iron Content Is Good For Perfecting Hemoglobin Count. It'S Easy To Digest And Indeed Recommended For Diabetic People.
  • Urad Dal Is A Rich Source Of Protein And Dietetic Fiber And Also Provides Good Quantum Of Plant Protein, Which Is Essential For Our Body Growth And Development. Urad Dal Isn'T Only Notorious In South Indian Region, But Also In North Indian Cookery. This Easy Lentil Is Complete Pack Of Folic Acid, Iron, Calcium, Potassium & Magnesiu, Which Makes This Dal A Great Health Package For Pregnant Women.
  • About This Item:-
  • • 100% Natural Urad Dhuli Also Known As Split White Urad In Numerous Areas. • Urad Dal Contains A Truly Good Quantum Of Magnesium, Potassium, Folic Acid And Iron Which Is Good For Women. As Its Rich In Iron It Helps The Body As An Energy Supporter And Keeps Active. • Because Of Rich Fiber Content Urad Dals Are Known For Perfecting Digestion. • This Dal Is Also Have (Beauty Benefits), Face Packs Made From Urad Dals Are Good For Skin And Helps In Getting Fair And Perfect Skin • Nutrients In Urad Dal Strengthen Bones And Helps Help Bone Diseases. • Preferred Form Of Urad • Low Fat And Cholesterol • Nutritional, Rich In Protein And Iron Content • Helps Lower Sugar Situations.
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