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  • The Holy Green Tea
  • Organic Soul- Herbal Tea Bag – Holy Green Tea Ever Wondered Why Tulsi Is Called Holy Basil? Tulsi, Tulasi Or Vrinda (Holy Basil) Is A Sacred Factory (Plant) In Hindu Belief. Hindus Regard It As An Earthly Manifestation Of The Goddess Tulsi; She'S Regarded As The Icon (Avatar) Of Lakshmi, And Therefore The Consort Of The God Vishnu. In Other Legends, She'S Called Vrinda And Distinct From Lakshmi And That'S How Tulsi Gets The Name Holy Basil. Organic Soul Sources Its Holy Basil From Its Certifiable Organic Granges (Farms). There’S Nothing Better Than A Mug (Cup) Of Stimulating (Refreshing) Decoration (Premium) Organic Chai Early In The Morning! We Know That Matcha Tea Is Similarly (Equally) Good But Holy Basil Has Proven To Be Indeed (Even) Better! Organic Holy Green Tea Useful To Weight Loss & Is Also A Low- Price Organic Chai. Have A Mug (Cup) Of Decoration (Premium) Organic Tea And See The Amazing Changes It Makes To Your Diurnal Routine.
  • About This Item:-
  • • Organic Soul The Holy Green Tea, Organic Soul Grows All Invested (Infused) Seasonings (Herbs) At Their Certifiable Organic Granges (Farms) • Holy Green Tea Contains Which Is High In Antioxidants • Holy Basil Is An Age-Old Seasoning (Herbs) That Possesses Antibacterial, Antibiotic And Decongestant Parcels (Properties). • Holy Green Tea Also Useful To Control Symptoms Of Cold & Fever • It Has A Truly Nice Taste And Can Be Sweetened With Honey • Lemongrass In It Adds Aroma To The Tea And Also Benefits The Body With Its Healthy Content Of Vitamin C, A, Calcium & Zinc • Organic Holy Basil Green Tea Bags Have Parcels (Properties)That Make Your Skin Shine
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