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  • The Green Masala Chai
  • Organic Herbal Green Masala Tea/ Tisane/ Tea Bag (Green Tea) A Mug (Cup) Of Green Masala Chai A Day Keeps Infections At Bay! Have You Heard Of This Before? If You Have N’T, Also Hear (Listen) Nearly! Organic Soul’S Organic Green Masala Tea Bags Add A Ultramodern Twist To The Traditional Masala Chai. It'S A Unique Mix Of Organic Green Tea, Holy Basil, Fennel, Cardamom, Cloves, Dry Go (Ginger), Cinnamon! Now Utmost Of Us Are Aware That These Constituents (Ingredients)Hold Great Value In Ayurvedic Indian Medication (Medicine) And Yes, It'S All Available In Your Kitchen As Well, So What Makes This Tea Different! Well, You Need To Try It To Know And Trust Us, There'S No Turning Back!
  • About This Item:-
  • • Organic Soul Green Masala Chai, Organic Soul Grows All Invested (Infused) Seasonings (Herbs) At Their Certifiable Organic Granges (Farms). • Green Masala Chai Is An Essential Of Organic Green Spices & Tea. • It'S The Neat (Best)Organic Tea That One Can Have As Green Tea Is Rich In Antioxidants, Boosts Metabolic Rate And Reduces Cholesterol. • Green Masala Tea Bags Contains Holy Basil Which Is Useful In Symptoms Of Bronchitis & Cold By Helping Fighting Against Fever And Acting As A Decongestant. • This Masala Tea As Rich In Fibre Contents Fennel Aids(Helps) In Digestion & Treats Constipation. • Cloves/ Laung Is A Self-Starter Of Vitamin A, C, Zinc And Iron. • Dry Go (Ginger) Fights Nausea, Relieves Gas And Aids Digestion As Well. • A Sweet And Sharp Color (Tinge) Of Cinnamon Helps Control Blood Glucose Position (Level) And Is Also Known To Relies Ve Muscular Pain Due To Stretching Or Exercise.
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