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  • Spiced Nettle Tissane
  • Organic Herbal Spiced Nettle Tea/ Tisane Tea Bag- (Green Tea) The World Of Herbal Teas Is Gigantic- You Can Mix A Range Of Seasonings (Herbs) And Flowers Together To Brew Soul- Soothing Teas At Home. One Of The Recent Additions To The Club Of Herbal Teas Is Nettle Tea/ Tisane Extract, Derived From Stinging Nettle Leaves. Organic Soul Sources Its Nettle Leaf Tea Leaves From Organic Certifiable Agriculturists (Farmers). Interestingly, The Leaves In Their Natural Form Can Create (Cause) Much Pain To The Person Who Grabs Or Holds Them, While The Same When Precisely Plucked Can Be Used To Make Remedies For A Host Of Diseases (Ailments). Reportedly, Nettle Tea Leaves Extract Has Been A Part Of Ancient Medieval Medication (Medicine) For Treating And Curing A Range Of Ailments (Diseases) Including Hay Fever, Bone- Related Issues And Allergies Among Others. Organic Soul Can Also Deliver (Provide) Nettle Slice (Leaf) Tea Bags In Bulk, Nettle Splint(Leaf) Tea Greasepaint (Powder), Nettle Slice (Leaf) Tea Pods, Nettle Leaf Tea Whole Foods On Special Requests. One Can Also Buy Nettle Slice Tea Organic Loose Leaf Which Is Different From Nettle Flake (Leaf) Tea Himalayan Pearl Or Nettle Leaf Tea Patanjali." Stinging Nettle, Scientifically Known As Urtica Dioica, Has A Long Medicinal History. In Medieval Europe, It Was Used As A Diuretic As Well As To Treat Common (Joint) Pain And Muscle Pain. Now (Today), It'S Used To Treat Urinary Tract Infections, Muscle And Common (Joint) Sprains, Insect Mouthfuls (Bites) As Well As Skin Conditions Like Eczema, Psoriasis And Acne," University Of Maryland, Medical Centre.
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  • • Organic Soul Spiced Nettle Tisane, A Tisane Is A French Word For Infusions Made From Seasonings (Herbs), Spices And Flowers. • Organic Soul Grows All Invested Seasonings (Herbs) At Their Certifiable Organic Granges (Farms). • Organic Soul’S Spiced Nettle Tea/ Tisane Is An Excellent Source Of Vitamins And Minerals Similar As A, C & B Complex, Calcium Iron And Zinc. • It'S Known To Help Soothe Acne And Eczema • The Antibacterial Parcels (Properties) Of Tulsi In The Tisane Aid In Respiratory Diseases • Cinnamon And Dry Go In The Spiced Nettle Tisane Is High In Fibre Content And Healthy Constituents (Ingredients) For Good Tea/ Tisane
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