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  • Rajma RedRajma Red Kidney Beans Are Also A Truly Good Source Of Potassium And Magnesium Along With Solvable Fibre And Protein Which Helps Maintain Blood Pressure Within Normal Range And Cover The Over-All Heart Health. Red Rajma Has Been Cultivated In Foothills Of (Himalayas). It'S Truly High In Protein Content And Tasteful And Nutritional. Rajma Red Is Machine Gutted And Handpicked, Before Packing To Insure Its Chastity And Hygiene, Which Is Healthier, Tasteful And Have High Nutrient Value, It'S Also Easy To Digest And Cook.
  • Grown Using Regenerative Agriculture Ways, Our Red Kidney Beans Is 100% Fungicides Free. It’S Soft, Well Nearly Buttery And Tastes Succulent. It’S Fresh, Grown At High Altitude Girdled (Surrounded) By Crisp Mountain Air, And Sure To Make Your Meals Taste Spare Good. One Bite And You’Re No Way Going Back To Eating Any Other Kind.
  • About This Item:-
  • • 100% Vegan| Gluten Free| No Complements| No Preservatives • Red Rajma Or Kidney Beans Are Also A Truly Good Source Of Potassium And Magnesium Along With Solvable Fibre And Protein • It'S Truly High In Protein Content • Red Rajma Are Small Red Kidney Beans Which Are Succulent And Cook Quick • These Beans Are Notorious Each Over Himalayas And It’S Foothills For Their Aroma And Subtle Taste • Kidney Bean Or Rajma Is A Must- Have Legume That'S Extensively Used In Colorful Traditional Dishes In India And Abroad. • Brings Precious Quality Rajma Chitra That Can Come A Part Of Your Family Meal. • Red Rajma( Kidney Beans Red) Beats (Pulses) Are Low In Fat & Cholesterol, High In Dietetic Fiber And Rich Inprotein, Making Them An Excellent Heart Healthy. • Our Rajma Beans Are Reused Mechanically With No Mortal Intervention. This Keeps Each Grain Healthy And Impurity-Free. Our State- Of- The- Art Packaging Installation Also Ensures Each Pack Remains Humidity Free. • Easy To Cook And Digest. • Our Small Red Kidney Beans Are Soft And Have A Caloric Texture That Melts In Your Mouth. • Handpicked For The Neat Rajma Beans And Also Hygienically Packed.
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