Organic Soul Mustard Oil (Glass Bottel) 1Litre

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Organic Soul

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  • Mustard Oil( Glass Bottel)
  • Cold Pressed From Excellent Quality Seeds, Retaining The Natural Qualities Of This Mustard Oil By Rooting (Extracting) With Cold Pressed Processed And Unrefined, Great Flavor & Aroma, Mustard Oil Is Known For Its Strong Pungent Flavor And Aroma To Makes Every Meal Flavorful. Suggested Use, You Can Cook Treats Like Curries, Pickles, And Deep Frying. Mustard Oil Is Stylish (Best) Used To Sauté Vegetables Or Is Added To Dressings And Seasonings (Marinades). It'S Also Great For Stir- Frying, And Seasoning Everything From Rice To Salads. It’S Nice Grain- Suchlike Odor And Slightly Nutty Aroma Blends With Different Cookeries. Mustard Oil Is Great For The Heart. In Fact, The Oil Has A High Chance Of Unsaturated Adipose (Fatty) Acids, A Majority Of Which Is Omega- 6 Adipose Acids. These Unsaturated Fats Are Good For The Heart As They Help In Lowering The Situations (Levels) Of Ldl Cholesterol.
  • About This Item
  • • 100% Natural And Organic, Overgrown Without Synthetic Fungicides (Pesticides) • Packed In Glass Bottle, Overgrown Without Synthetic Gmos • Pure, Cholesterol And Trans Fats Free • Beneficent In Reducing The Danger Of Cardio- Vascular Disorder (Disease), A Good Source Of Antioxidants • Cold Pressed Our Mustard Seeds Are Sourced Directly From Rajasthan And Wood Pressed At Under 45 °C, Insuring That The Oil Retains All The Nutrients From The Original Oilseed. • All The Indian Kitchens Cooking Oil Mustard Oil Is A Staple. The Universal Nature Of Cold Pressed Mustard Oil Allows For Fragrant (Aromatic) Tadkas And Scrumptious Curries. • Skin And Hair Cold Pressed Mustard Oil Is A Great Purification Agent To Unclog Pores And Stimulate Sweat Glands. It'S Also A Great Conditioner For Maintaining Healthy And Nourished Hair. • Joint Health Mustard Oil Can Be Used For Deep Massages Which Help Relieve Pangs And Pains, While Also Strengthening Your Body From The Inside. • Cough And Cold Inhaling Smoke (Steam) With Mustard Oil Or Massaging It Onto Your Chest Are Both Effective Ways To Combat Varied Respiratory Illnesses (Ailments).
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