Organic Soul Mix Seeds 145Gm

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Organic Soul

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  • Mix Seeds
  • A Specially Formulated Seed Mix That'S Ideally (Perfectly) Balanced To Give Your Diurnal (Daily) Nutrition, The Flavorful Way. This Seed Blend Is High In Antioxidants And Loads Of Dietetic Fiber Means That You'Ll Stay Full For Longer. Seeds Are High In Omega- 3 Adipose (Fatty) Acids And Are Essential In Delivering Nutrition To Both, The Body And The Brain. Add It To Your Raitas, Blend It Into Your Smoothies, Better Your Salads With It- The Possibilities Are Endless. So Rich Sources The Seeds From Trusted Indian Agriculturists And Assures That The Product Contains No Additives, Preservatives And Is Totally Natural. Healthy Raw Seeds Combo Mixes Seeds For Eating Seeds For Eating Organic Mixed Seeds Seed Blend Mixed Seeds For Eating Antioxidant Blend Seeds.
  • About This Item:-
  • • Healthy Snacks Our Seeds Blend Can Be A Delicious Snack As They'Re Fully Sugar-Free And Low In Cholesterol, Thereby Keeping Their Overall Health On Track. • Higher In Zinc Raw Pumpkin Seeds Are A Rich Source Of Zinc Which Is Very Important For Immune Support. They'Re Also Rich In Other Minerals Which Can Be Good For The Heart Health. • Low Calorie Snack Raw Watermelon Seeds Are Low Calorie Seeds And Are A Rich Source Of Vitamin B, Magnesium, Potassium, And Zinc, All Of Which Can Be Beneficent In Perfecting The Overall Health Of The Body. • Vitamin E Rich Raw Sunflower Seeds Contains Vital Nutrients Like Vitamin E Which Is Truly Beneficent For Good Skin And Hair. It Can Help Slip (Exfoliate) The Dead Skin Cells And Also Might Help Hair Loss Due To The Rich Protein Content In It. • Fibre Rich Raw Chia Seeds Are Stringy (Fibrous) Which Helps In Perfecting Your Digestion. Fibre-Rich Foods Help In Keeping Your Stomach Full For A Longer Duration, Therefore Helping Problems Associated With Constipation.
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