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Organic Soul

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  • Mix Dal
  • Satrangi Dal( Blend Of Seven Nutritional Pulses) We All Consume Our Favorite Beats (Pulses) At Home On A Diurnal Base But Imagine Having The Nutrition And Virtuousness Of Them All In One Dal That Is Not Only Succulent(Delicious) But Blends Well With Seasonings (Herbs) And Spices Too. That Is What The Organic Satrangi Dal Is Each (All) About. While Every Dal Has Its Own Benefits, The Organic Satrangi Dal Brings It All To You With A Scrumptious Aroma And Taste And Is Also Easy To Cook.
  • It'S Loaded With Iron, Calcium, Protein And Potassium That Is Not Only Good For Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar Situations But Also Ensures Healthy Bones And Digestive System. Every Dal Is Processed Against High- Quality Norms (Standards) And Also Mixed In A Balanced Rate (Ratio), For You To Delight Every Bite You Take And To Give You With The Energy You Need To Cruise Through The Day. Every Kitchen Shelf Is Halfway (Incomplete) Without The Organically Rich Satrangi Dal, And If You Have Not Tried The Exceptional Products Of Organic Soul, Including Beats, Pickles, Atta And Much More, Also Explore It All Now And Bring Home The Virtuousness. Lentils And Beans Are An Important Source Of Protein Ideal For Submissive And Vegan Diets, But They Also Offer A Multitude Of Nutrients That Support Just As Numerous Aspects Of Human Health. Mix Dal Is High In Selenium, A Trace Mineral That We Only Need In Small Quantities Yet Is Hard To Find In The Diet. Especially In Children, Copper For Its Antioxidant Parcels (Properties) And Energy As Well As Iron, Again For Combating Tiredness And Fatigue. There’S Also Calcium For Bone Health, Digestive Enzymes, Energy And Maintaining Bone Consistency With Age. Satrangi Dal (Mix Dal) Is Also A Excellent Source Of Vitamin B That Help In The Process Of Making Energy As Well Support Heart Health.
  • About This Item
  • • Organic Satrangi Dal Is A Blend Of Arhar Dal, Chana Dal, Masoor Malka Split Dal, Moong Chilka Split And Urad Black Chilka Dal, Making It Supremely Rich In Nutrients And Proteins. • All The Beats (Pulses) In Organic Satrangi Dal Are Mixed In A Balanced Rate (Ratio) For You To Enjoy The Rich Nutrients Of Every Dal, Making It A Wholesome Menu (Meal) Of The Day. • Organically Sourced And Processed Using Sustainable Styles, Organic Satrangi Dal Is What You'Ll Can Calculate (Rely) On When It Comes To Your Family'S Health. • All Pure & Natural Constituents And Without Toxic Fungicides • High In Selenium, Source Of B Vitamins That Helps Energy Product, Source Of Protein, Source Of Antioxidant And Minerals, Supports Thyroid Function.
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